I miss my mother so much.

It isn’t a “lay on the floor and sob and never get up” kind of missing.

Although I have done that. It is just an ache…that is always with me.

People always say, “I almost picked up the phone and called her” when someone they love dies. It isn’t that with me, it is just an immediate thought that pops in my head, “I have to tell Mother that”

I was making potato salad the other day for the first time in forever. I couldn’t remember exactly how to make it and thought, “I have to call and ask Mom” and I just cried. I can never call and ask her anything again.

No matter how much I know she is better now, she is free and in no pain, I miss her. I want one more perfect day.

I wish I had appreciated more perfect days. I am trying to do that now…

We all should…always….

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