Moon Buggies, Experiements and Flexibility…

I love homeschooling.† I love every thing about it.† One of the things I love the most is the flexibility.† Yes we do lesson plans and yes I plan out each day but if something comes up I am more than willing to dump the plans for the day.† I know everyone doesn’t.† I know people who won’t take the day to do something when the opportunity arises.† We aren’t one of those people.

So this week our carefully planned out week was all helter skelter.† And we had a blast!

Friday night we spent the night with Kathy and Sophie.† We went to one of our favorite places, Bridge Street Town Centre to wander and window shop and eat.† Kathy insisted on paying for our meal.† We have such amazing people in our lives!
Keilee and Sophie heard music and HAD to dance.† Keilee tried on clothes at this new store that we LOVED.† It is called H&M and they have the coolest clothes!!† Bridge Street is beautiful at night and yes that is a gondola!

Monday we did ‘school’.† We had a great day.† Keilee is really liking Saxon Pre Algebra and her General Science.† We have already done 3 experiments!† That blows my mind because last year we were lacking in the experiments.† Here is one we did with baking soda, vinegar and red cabbage.† It was really cool.† Keilee is doing lapbook/notebook pages also.
Tuesday we were going to do school as usual but they called from the “Space Warriors” set for Keilee to be a PAID extra!† School?† Whateva…† How many times can you get a chance like this?† It was a long day.† We were there from Noon till 10:30.† It was the last day shooting for extras so I am so glad we got to go.† The large part of the day was spent filming a Moon Buggy Race.† It took forever!† From 1:30 until dark.† There were a lot of burned up faces after standing in the Alabama sun all day.† Of course not the actors, they were sprayed with sunscreen every hour.† We also got to see Dermot Mulroney and Mira Sorvino at the closing ceremony shoot.† I didn’t get any pictures of them because I was in the scene too.
This is BooBoo Stewart, Thomas Kasp, Thomas Horn, Robotnaut guy and several crew members who were SO nice to us.
Keilee had REFUSED to take pictures with anyone the entire time.† The last day I ‘made’ her take pictures with Thomas Horn and BooBoo Stewart.† She said she hated being a ‘Fan Girl”.
We had to go to her doctor’s office to get her shot record so she could get paid.† The other forms of I.D they would except; passport, Non Driver ID or School ID we did not have.† Walking across the walkway above the street Keilee felt an urge to turn a cartwheel.† Then we took the info to the Production Office and I took Kei’s picture at the door of Thomas Horn’s trailer.† Jimmy Hawkins is his character name.† This is what I do for work.† We have rental trailers and I run the business.† The last picture is Monster High Stop Animation.† Keilee LOVES Monster High dolls.† She knows EVERYTHING about every single one of them.† Even the ones who haven’t come out yet.† They are pretty cool.† I wish I could buy her every one of them.

We also watched a great DVD about “Reconstruction-The 2nd Civil War“† How did I not know all of this stuff?† We are using “The History of US” for History and have learned so much already.† And yes I said, “WE”.† I love learning things I didn’t know/forgot.

Keilee also went to 2 birthday parties this week.† For both of them she knitted them something.† She worked HOURS on both projects.† Wednesday was Brit’s birthday and she had a spend the night party.† Keilee came home pretty exhausted and then we had Maggie’s birthday party which was a swimming party from 8-10 Thursday night.† She had such a great time at both of them but she slept last night, as my Mom always said, ‘like an old dead log”.

I just got off the phone with a man who is going to rent 5 of our trailers around the 2nd week of September.† I was so happy! Rental trailers = a pay check for me!

So that was our week…full of laughter and love and learning and friends and our 15 Minutes of Fame.† We are so incredibly blessed.

Homeschooling Rocks!

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” ~ Mark Twain [credited but not verified]

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17 thoughts on “Moon Buggies, Experiements and Flexibility…”

  1. So cool. She looks like a star. Love her in that beret! Just gorgeous! I know my daughter will get dressed up in the winter clothes even thought it is just so hot here. Does Alabama get a cold winter?

  2. Sounds like a great week. I’m trying to be more spontaneous than I have been in the past. We’ll see if it works out this year. But, who could pass up a chance to be a paid extra? I’m glad to hear the trailers rented too. Makes the week even better.

  3. One of the things that I ‘took’ from homeschooling was the fact that there were abysmal gaps in my own education. I figured out that there was no reason that I couldn’t learn, too. And I have. I have expanded my horizons and knowledge of a million different things I’d never have known had I not chosen to homeschool.

    And I love that you recognize the flexibility of homeschooling… that you can learn and do ANY time, that learning is best when it doesn’t happen on a schedule.

    homeschooling rocks… and so do you!!

  4. Yay for a paycheck and being paid extras!

    Loving the science experiments:)

    I love learning alongside the girls too…especially when it comes to history and geography!

  5. I am so glad that things are looking up. I sooooo wish that you guys lived close to join our fine arts co-op. The first week was a blast and the kids all had an awesome time. Grace was thrilled to see a lot of her drama geek buddies again. We are still waiting to hear what part she got for The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. She asked for nothing big because she also has to learn four new scripts for her traveling drama ministry team with two performances already coming up soon. Have a great weekend.

  6. I am so happy that those trailers got rented!!!! YAY!!!! You have been in my thoughts + prayers!!!

    What fun to be an extra! Sounds like a great week!!! I think we are starting back this week…just have to finish wrapping my head around it!!

  7. Yea! I’m so glad you have some money coming in now. I just love reading about Kei’s movie experience. I remember when I worked on the set of a commercial. I was able to be an extra in one and a production assistant in another one. I think each one paid about the same – $75 for the day and I put in about 10 hours each day. Of course this was about 15 years ago now. When I was an extra there was a lot of sitting around, but we had this enormous table heaped with food that we could eat from throughout the day. When I was the production assistant, I was responsible for ordering and putting all the food on there. And then I had to walk down the street to a restaurant and put in food orders for all the big shots on the set, the director, lighting director, and so on. Now that job wasn’t as much fun at all!

  8. Wow, what an awesome experience for Kei to be an extra in the film! Too cool! 🙂

    The science experiments look awesome.

    I love how I feel after reading your posts. They are so uplifting and so much fun! I want to have that much fun in homeschool with my kids! 🙂 Have a great weekend, friend! And, praise God for the good news about the trailers. All of those prayers are being answered, you’ll see! :-))))

  9. So many good things, I don’t know where to begin 🙂 I’m so glad for you about the trailers…yay!
    The science experiments look fun, and a paid extra?! That’s great!
    Learning is always a “we” thing here too 🙂
    Homeschooling is an incredibly blessed way of living, is it not? Have a super weekend girls!!

  10. Karen, I am so glad God has answered prayer and provided a source of income right now! This is GOOD!

    We are using Saxon 7/6 this year and I am LOVING it! I think Anna’s attitude about math is much improved, too – I love the structure, rigorous approach, and just the no frills presentation. Very nice.

    I always love reading about your weeks. One day we’ll get to meet – I know it.

  11. I love this post. You’re so right – take the opportunities as they come. I just showed my girls today our new US History text and told them if while we’re (we here too!) learning they want to stop and explore a person or place mentioned, we’d stop and do it! I’ve recognized never to let the material dictate our pace or days. It is so freeing! I love that your daughter was an extra – awesome. There’s a popular movie-making area near us too. What an adventure and something to always remember! Good for you! Thanks for sharing your week.

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