Trains, Cartwheels, Mud and 8th GRADE!!!

We went to an indoor flea market Sunday after church.  It is a favorite place of ours.  They had an old red caboose in the parking lot and we had to explore, of course!

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Keilee decided to ‘start’ school this past week.  She said she wanted to take June off because she had 2 camps and workshops and play practice but she is ready to get back to it.  She has spent June totally immersed in theater, music, art, dance, puppets and more.

I found this site called All in One Homeschool or Easy Peasy and told her about it and she was raring to go.  This is a great curriculum and it IS FREE!!!!  It is all there, everything you will need, day by day!!!  Keilee loves it because it is ‘all in one place’.  You all know how much she needs to ‘check things off a list’.  She is doing the 8th grade curriculum and Modern History and “Physics and Chemistry”.

You really all need to check this out.  This site is just chock full of wonderful, amazing resources.  ALL FREE. 

Keilee is doing other things also but this is a big part of what her 8th grade will be.  She ‘wants’ to do 8th grade the 1st semester and start 9th the 2nd semester but I am trying to talk her out of that.  She worked on Sunday getting her Notebook made and has worked on it every day.  She has done it daily and really, really loves it.  I begged her to take off July 4th because it’s a holiday!

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It usually has taken her about 3 hours to complete but she is doing 2 days at once.  Still leaves a lot of time for fun stuff. 🙂

We spent Tuesday at the pool.  She has almost finished Book 2 of Harry Potter.

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There is, always, cartwheels and so forth outside.  I don’t think the Olympic Gymnasts practice as much as she does.  Well ok, maybe they do.

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We had clouds and rain and rainbows this past week.

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Keilee is doing the Blimey Cow Photo a Day Challenge on Instagram.  She LOVES Blimey Cow.  LOVES them!! Especially Jordan.

Here is the 1st day…a Selfie.  Of course no picture of JUST Keilee would do…

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Here is some of her pictures for “Exploring”.  She has the best ideas for things!

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And here are some from “Messy”.  Yes she got mud and painted it all over herself.

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Wednesday was Keilee’s 1/2 birthday.  13 1/2,  so we went to the movie.  We were going to see “The Lone Ranger” but I read really bad reviews right before we walked out the door so we ended up seeing “Man of Steel”.  It was a good movie.  We went to eat afterwards.  There is only 1 day that a girl turns 13 1/2 after all.  Even though we didn’t see Lone Ranger, she HAD to have her picture made with Johnny.

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4th of July it RAINED buckets and buckets  Our backyard was flooded!!  We had plans to go to see Fireworks but that got cancelled so we invited some friends over for food, fun and “Oz, the Great and Powerful“!  The movie was actually quite good.  Keilee made a cake and her 4th of July Strawberries.

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The theme this week on “7 Cool Homeschoolers” was “I Got Skillz” so Keilee did some of the roles that are her favorites.  Check it out if you have a chance.

So all in all a great 1st week of July!  I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer brings!

Homeschooling Rocks!

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.” ~Isaac Astimov

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21 thoughts on “Trains, Cartwheels, Mud and 8th GRADE!!!”

  1. I am going to check out the resource you suggested! It sounds great. Your daughter’s determination and drive are something else! I am SO impressed with how self-disciplined she is! Your posts are always so full of joy and pure delight. What wonderful memories you are making together! Many blessings, Lisa

  2. What a beautifully busy week! I love Keilee’s energy and enthusiasm…her passion for life! I cannot wait to show the girls that link…I peeked at it. Wow! I know Abby will tackle it much the same way that Keilee has and Molly would probably really enjoy it too (at her own pace), Thanks for sharing:) Hope you are enjoying sunny weather now!

  3. I am excited for our eighth-grade-ish year too! You guys rock. And happy belated half-birthday to my favorite Instagram star! 🙂

  4. I just love her drive and determination, and she always looks so joyful. 🙂 You do a wonderful job of supporting her in her passions and in finding the level of structure she feels she needs at any given time.

  5. Wow! I’m TOTALLY impressed with her diligence! Look at those folders! Unschooling works for her so well! I’m not sure it would work here! LOL The last time I tried “unschooling”…not much “schooling” got done! But I’m hoping to be more RELAXED next year, simplifying our core work to leave more time for child-led activities. As ALWAYS, love the video! She’s a star! Really! She definitely has that something, you know.

  6. Emily and I have used the Easy Peasy homeschool before. It is an awesome resource! Our girls couldn’t be more opposite. Emily is shy, camera phobic, and not nearly as enthusiastic about school. We homeschool year round so we are finishing up seventh grade and will start eighth in September. Wish we lived nearby so some of Keilee could rub off on Emily! 🙂

    My oldest (17) and I saw “Man of Steel” yesterday! We both really enjoyed it.

    Have a blessed summer,


  7. I am going to look at that Easy Peasy. I am so impressed that she wants to do that on her own! I can’t imagine my girls doing that. And even though her June wasn’t typical “school” it sounds like a lot of learning went on!

    I am going to check out this Blimey Cow!

  8. @ Mary:
    Rare indeed! Her work is beautiful. My girls don’t have that intrinsic motivation. They do for some things like music and baking, but if it falls outside of their interests, they are fine doing without. I wonder how long it would take if I let them come back to it on their own…… but I am not that brave to try!

  9. Keilee’s so diligent with her work. You always have such great photos. It is something I really mean to work on.
    I’ve had problem with my blog this week. Last Sunday’s post has totally disappeared and I’ve just realised that, as a result, you might not have seen my response to your comment. If Keilee is still interested in viewing trampoline competitions there will be plenty of videos on YouTube from Olympic and World Championship trampoline competitions. The one we watched was just a trial livestream of a club competition here in New Zealand – Interesting to us, since some of Miss 12’s clubmates were competing but – at over three hours – it might be a bit long and, with the exception of a few of the senior competitors, the routines won’t have the wow factor of an Olympic or World Champs routine.

  10. Thanks so much for the link to the site, great stuff to be had by all. Love the picture at the wave pool, brings back so many wonderful memories. As always the video is amazing. Such a talented young girl. Can’t wait to see what she will do in the future. Our next drama project is a Night with Shakespeare. We start practices in August and perform in November. The elementary students will be doing The Aristocats. Have a great weekend.

  11. I’m envious…so far my girls haven’t mentioned schooling at all! So terrific to hear about your daughter’s motivation for learning! Thanks again for mentioning the Easy Peasy site – I saved it awhile ago and had forgotten it. I guess I’ll give up denial and admit I’d better start thinking curriculum for the fall! Have a blessed – and hopefully drier – weekend!

  12. I’m happy to say I feel as uplifted as usual after reading about your week! That mud looks SO MUCH FUN 😀 And all your pictures are as beautiful and artistic as ever – the model and the photographer. Thank you for sharing your wonderful week!

  13. Sounds like a really fun week! Rose loves Easy Peasy because at her age level there’s all kinds of math games and stuff. I should remind her about it because she gets on a roll and wants to do it every day and then we get busy with some crazy unit study and don’t have time for it for weeks on end 🙂

  14. I hope you know that Keilee’s motivation is rare, right?? I don’t think we’d meet many 8th grade girls that are starting school on their own, Karen! You are so blessed — she’s a very talented and beautiful girl. 🙂

    Happy weekend!

  15. Karen – you are so blessed to have such an awesome kid! I love the “messy” pictures the best this week….She has a great eye for photos too! Enjoy the weekend and Pray rain has stopped and all dried up!

  16. Oh My!! Thank you so much for sharing that homeschool website. That might just be the answer for my girl! We like Time4learning, but it costs money every month.I really want something online that is free so I can channel every dollar into tutoring and braces!! Your week looks wonderful.
    Blessings, Dawn

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