Christmas 2013……

We had a great Christmas.  We were so busy and it seemed like we weren’t at home the week before Christmas at all!

We went shopping in Huntsville with some of our friends from Co-op.  We had a great day at the mall but it was SO crowded.  Keilee and Abby had a blast hanging out together.

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We spent Saturday with friends.  We ate at Olive Garden and they attended our church’s Christmas service.  We had 2 services on Saturday and since we spent Sunday at my Dad’s it worked out perfectly.  Then we rode around our historical district and saw beautiful Christmas lights!
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1.  Hanging the last ornament on our Jesse Tree.  We bought the accompanying book “The Greatest Gift” by Ann Voskamp and totally loved each day’s story and verse.
2.  Keilee working on a Gingerbread house.  What this picture doesn’t show is it completely falling apart all over the floor.  I took that puppy back to the store.  We were so frustrated because she worked on it 2 hours!
3.  Keilee making Cocoa Reindeers for the neighbors.  These were SO cute.  She also made a video for YouTube showing how to make these.

4.  My brother and his family went to South Alabama this year for Christmas so we celebrated on Sunday.  Here are the cousins.

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Christmas morning we had a blast opening gifts.  Keilee was more excited about what she got me than what she was getting.  She worked so hard selling her headbands and I was not happy that she spent so much of her money on me!  But that is what makes her happy.  Here are some of my gifts.  My favorite thing was the “I Am SHERlocked” shirt.  I am a huge Sherlock fan!

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Here is Keilee with a few of her presents.  It is so easy to buy for her because I know her so well.  It was so nice to be able to buy her things this Christmas. 

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My boss got me a Macbook Pro for Christmas.  I almost fainted.  And then I promptly gave it to Keilee.  I have a PC and her old Macbook blew up about a year ago.  She has LOVED it!

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This precious gift is from my cousin.  She and I have been close since we were born.  We were wonderful friends until our 30′s and then we just grew apart.  We have recently become close again.  She made me a Cross Quilt and I love it beyond words.  She saw that I pinned one on Pinterest and decided to make me one.  It is a gift that I will cherish forever.  It is simply gorgeous!!!

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So that was our wonderful Christmas.  And next week is my sweet girls 14th Birthday.  I swear she was just 4!!!!

Homeschooling Rocks,
“Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn’t come from a store.”  ~Dr. Seuss
“Christmas… is not an external event at all, but a piece of one’s home that one carries in one’s heart.”  ~Freya Stark


8 thoughts on “Christmas 2013……”

  1. PS… unless you intend to eat the gingerbread house (I don’t like gingerbread anyway… but after sitting out for a month it’s dusty and yucky) use hot glue to put it together.

    Then decorate it! Gluing on the bigger candies is a great idea, too.

  2. What an amazing holiday (and WHOA for Macbook Pro… I’m dying here!!) Seeing Kei’s smile in these photos made it feel like Christmas all over again today. Here’s to a blessed 2014 for us AND our almost-14-year-olds!

  3. What a great Christmas. I’m glad you two were able to enjoy some family and friend time.
    Is that a Pony? Perhaps Rarity? Amber got a few pony things too :)

  4. What a beautiful quilt. I’ve always wanted to learn to quilt but have never made the time. I’ll just have to fly over and have your cousin teach me! Glad you both had a great Christmas. And a big “happy birhday” to Keilee for next week.

  5. Thank you for praying for Grace and continuing to ask about her. The ultrasound of her gall bladder came back clear and normal. Next step would be a referral to a GI. She hasn’t been sick since Sunday and feeling good so we are waiting to see what she does before scheduling another appointment. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas. Wishing you many blessings this New Year.

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