Boot Socks, Crocheting, and Learning All the Time…

Great week but very few pictures.  Instagram is going to be the death of my blog!  It is just easy to post there and when it is time to blog I feel like I have already put all the pictures I have taken on IG.  So if you follow me there, you have seen most of these!!

I learned to CROCHET this week!  Just a single stitch but I did that stitch about 10000 times I think.  I made a scarf, sort of.  It kinds looks like dreadlocks but I love it.  Keilee has been begging me to learn for 2 years but I didn’t think I could because I have some nerve damage in my left hand and have very little fine motor skills but I managed. 

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Keilee did Biology several times this week.  She gets on a kick and stays on it for days.  She asked me if I would ‘bleed for Science” and guess what? I did!!  She wanted to look at  my blood in the microscope.  Our microscope is the pits!!!  We so need a new one but they are pricey. 

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My cousin Gigi, who made me the beautiful quilt, came over this week to show Keilee how to sew Fleece boot socks.  I had ordered a pair on Instagram and LOVED them.  Keilee got the hang of it quickly.  Gigi is a great teacher.  She is just a wonderful, craftsy person. She can do anything!!  Poor Kei is stuck with me who can do about nothing crafty. :)

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1. Algebra!
2.  Kei took this pic of me getting gas.  I thought it looked cool.
3.  Keilee at the eye doctor.  She had been having headaches so I took her in.  Her prescription had to be changed a bit. 
4.   A page in her art journal.  This was one of my favorites.  It is based on a song from Sweeney Todd.
5.  This is the view from my bed every sunny morning.  It is the early morning sun reflecting off a mirror Keilee had gotten me about 4 years ago.  It always makes me smile.

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Keilee also sent about 20 emails Thursday to Animal Rehabilitation facilitates all across the US asking for advice and telling them a little bit about herself.  She did it all herself, I didn’t even know she was emailing them.  She found the places online and found their email addresses.  She has gotten 2 replies with tons of great advice.  We have found that most people who are passionate about their job LOVE to help and give advice to young people. All you have to do  is ASK!!!

Favorite Resource:
We grabbed an ebook from Amazon called “Grammar Girls Presents the Ultimate Writing Guide for Students” when it was on sale earlier this week.  It is full price now but it is AWESOME.  I use her site all the time when we are looking up grammar questions and I have seriously learned so much in 3 chapters!!  I can’t believe how many capitalization errors I have made my entire life!  I actually think I made a few in this post but I don’t feel like looking it up. ;)

A Favorite Post
you haven’t read Jessica’s post over at Teachable Moments, “She Is More Than A Number”  please take a few minutes and read it.  This just resonated so deeply with me.  It is wonderful!!!

Keilee  joined me today with a Friday Collage.  Check out her post if you’d like.

So that is a quick, repetitive for some of you, look into our week!  Keilee is getting ready to do the writing class with Jessica and the girls as I type and this afternoon we are going to some new friends house to play games! 

And I want snow!!  I see all these beautiful pictures on IG of snow and it makes me want snow so badly.  Maybe we will get some this winter.

Happy weekend y’all,
Homeschool Rocks!

 “Just as eating against one’s will is injurious to health, so studying without a liking for it spoils the memory, and it retains nothing it takes in.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

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13 thoughts on “Boot Socks, Crocheting, and Learning All the Time…”

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I just wanted to say how much I admire the two of you! You have so much love for each other. I also absolutely love your homeschooling style and have taken so much inspiration for when I homeschool my far-in-the-future-not-even-born-yet kids!

  2. Great job on the crocheted scarf; it looks lovely. I like to crochet but don’t always have time. I love to read about all the opportunities you provide for Keilee to learn and to find her passions. It is inspiring to see all that you two do and try. It is wondful to read about when Keilee takes the initiative to learn about topics that interest her, like emailing the rehab facilities. She has such a desire to learn. Thanks for the Grammar Girl recommendation. I’ll have to watch those books. They look interesting! Have a great week.

  3. Ahhhh… Instagram. I love it! I think all of my collage friday pictures are always there first, too.

    Cool picture of you getting gas — I love mirror photos like that.

    I hope you’ve had a great weekend, Karen!

  4. Your scarf is really cool! You did a great job! Homeschooling does rock because you can get help from people who can teach things that you can’t! I love it! I’m (gonna) have to check out grammar girls! Thanks for the tip!

  5. I always love the insight into your week. We failed at our attempt to learn crocheting . For something like that I think I need live instructor rather than a book or video.

  6. What a great week! Yeah, I know I say that every week, but it is true that each lovely week runs into another lovely week at your corner of the world. So much enthusiasm, so much, so much newness and learning, so much creativity. I love it.

  7. I don’t do instagram. So I don’t get all the stories if you don’t post. And I’ve been following you for a very long time. And I deserve better.

    Keilee’s boots are awesome! Tell her that when she wants to make and sell them I would love to buy a pair!

    I had some blood work when Matt was about 9 years old. Turned to him during the office visit and said that it was too bad we hadn’t brought a microscope slide. And the tech overheard me and made him a slide to look at.}

    Yep, sometimes you just have to ask.

  8. Where do you find all your awesome quotes?

    Keep blogging. I personally don’t care if I have already seen the pictures. Sometimes it is like a whole new picture because you are getting the context and backstory of the photo!

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