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The class that Keilee is doing via FaceTime (she is actually getting ready to join them as I type this) with Jessica’s group is honestly going wonderfully.  She is so excited every Thursday night about it and she is writing like crazy.  It is such a great experience for her.  Her and Grace and the rest of the girls laugh and talk and show off each other’s dogs and pets.  It is so much fun for her.  And she is LOVING the writing games they play.

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She is working on a great story.  She told me I could share the first Chapter here:

Septembers Children

 Chapter one

 The sky was gray and smog thickened the air making it hard to breath. “I liked it better when the sky was blue” whispered Alex as he walked towards me. “Alex” I turned fast on my heels “you not suppose to be here”. The air was hot and I could see his eyes move from the filthy sky to me. “Neither are you “ he smirked. He is the only one I feel comfortable around, without him living here would be unbearable. We sat by the edge, peered down at the busy city below. We weren’t suppose to be here, the roof was off limits to all children in September Academy. “Hey Addie?’ Alex turned to me. “Yeah?” I looked at him.

 Maybe the reason we were so alike, why we were best friends is because we are the only ones different. After the Great War nothing was left and we had to rebuild. Very few of us left, very few of us with pale skin, pale eyes and in some cases pale hair. Alex and I both had blue eye, he is the only other person I know who does.

 “You know” Alex began he turned his head as not to look at me. “we could get out.”  I looked at him shocked, I wanted to get out as much, maybe more so, than him but there was no way. “Alex, we…..” Alex turned to me his blue eyes so stern it stopped me in my tracks. “Addie, we could jump.” He said it so nonchalantly it make me wonder, if he really meant it.  “never mind” he said as he turned and looked back at the sky “forget it.”  We sat there in silence not daring to speak or look at each other. I’ve known Alex my whole life, but in this moment he felt like a stranger.

She has written 8 chapters so far!  She is a really good writer but we have never done any sort of writing curriculum.  Keilee told me the other day that there is always either a song or a story running around in her head.  I am just so not like that.

Keilee got a last minute call to help out at The Princess Theater This past weekend. They were having their annual Mental Health Talent Show and needed a stage hand.  She thought she would be mostly back stage and doing moving in the dark but she was on stage the entire time!!  Even bantered with the Master of Ceremonies.  She seriously had 30 mintues to get ready.  We had been a a game day all afternoon and were both pretty pooped!

She also sewed a Quiver for a badge on  She is really doing a great job sewing.  Unfortunately I am not much help.

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They had 80′s day at Co-op.  Finding Keilee something to wear wasn’t very hard.  She wears things like this anyway.  I would love to have all my 80′s clothes.  I had tons of cool things.  I was a very big MTV kinda girl. 

Keilee on the left, me on the right. :)  I have no clue why a 25 year old picture is better quality than a week old one!!!

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Keilee has great friends at Co-op.  This is in Art Journaling and the last one is what we are learning for Drama.  It is a ‘white glove’ routine and very cool.

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We played tons of games this week, watched the premiere of Sherlock, (I am a HUGE fan) and took selfies.  While playing Scrabble, I put the word ‘home’ and Keilee made it “HomeSchool”.  :)  She has been sitting in on a Yale class called “Game Theory” that she loves.  She has talked non stop about it.  We also started playing World Of Warcraft together.  My brother has 2 accounts and let us borrow them when he isn’t playing.  And Keilee finished a large order she got on Facebook for 4 headbands.  This is the first time in 2 months she doesn’t have an order to work on and can just knit and crochet for fun.

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We have  slam packed weekend and it is supposed to be bitter cold.  I am so thankful that Daddy put in central heat this winter.  We have frozen the last few winters but stayed warm as toast this year.  As long as we don’t have to get out in it!  I want Spring but I would love some snow first.  I see all sorts of snow pictures on Instagram and I want some too!

 Happy weekend!
Homeschool Rocks!

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~Maya Angelou
“I know of nothing more inspiring than that of making discoveries for one’s self.”  ~George Washington Carver

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15 thoughts on “Sewing, Writing, Gaming, 80′s, Kinda Week…”

  1. Keilee’s story sounds very exciting! Will we see the next chapter? Love those 80′s outfits! Trust me you don’t really want snow, but I’d gladly give you some of ours!

  2. I like the story. She might enjoy Writing Excuses ( It is a series of 15 minute podcasts on writing by 4 authors.

    The MTV days. Up here in Canada we had Much Music. It was similar but not the same. You were one of the cool kids if your parents had a satellite dish and could get the real thing. Showing my age that was back when satellite dishes were the size of a car.

    I did Game Theory in university. I don’t remember a lot about the details but it was a cool course.

  3. @ Karen:
    Thanks Karen– I tried to send an email but it comes back telling me there is an error -drats! Robin

  4. I stumbled upon your site-I live in Madison-is there a way I could private message you? I have several questions I would like to ask-a few being- I would love to know about your co-op . I just started homeschooling 2 girls 10 and 11 and could really use some advice. Your daughter reminds me of my oldest – she got a sewing machine for Christmas but we have not had any luck finding some one who could get her started-and I know nothing about sewing. I am struggling with finding a good co-op and social interaction for the girls that do not cost a fortune. Just wondering if you could offer me some advice? Thanks Robin

  5. Wow! You guys look like you had a busy (and very fun) week! I love the comparison picture. It’s so nice to look back sometimes :-)….I’ve always envied people who lived in places where it gets cold and snowy. After this winter, I don’t anymore!!

  6. I love the I am Sher Locked shirt. That is fantastic. We love that show too. The first chapter is very exciting. You have a budding writer on your hands.
    Blessings, Dawn

  7. I always wanted to dress like that in the 80′s but I never had the confidence. You rock! :-D
    Whenever I read your posts I wish we lived nearer so we could hang out – I know it would be so much fun. We just watched the latest Sherlock – so good.
    Love Keilee’s story – I hope you guys posts more of it!

  8. It’s been down right frigid here too and I am ever so thankful for heat every time I hear that wind blowing. You guys had a great week, again :) I liked Keilee’s first chapter too. I hope we get to read more of it in the future.

    Have a good weekend and enjoy your week.

  9. Cold here as well. Hasn’t gotten above 35 in the past four days. Georgia just isn’t used to this type of cold. Karen, I love the picture of you. I was a MTV kid too! I remember watching lots of music videos (Duran Duran, Bon Jovi) when MTV was actually music. Love all the pictures in your post. Looks like you guys had a great week. Thanks for your well wishes and prayers for Grace. Other than the virus she is trying to get over just like everyone else in the country she is doing well.

  10. I miss the days of just putting in a roll of film! I swear, those pictures had great quality before we started messing with megapixels and such! (Oh dear, I am showing my age.)

    We are without central heat this year as our HVAC went out. We have been surviving with electric heaters. It keeps us from freezing, but man do I miss some constant heat.

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