Banquets, Bad Weather and Birthdays…

Our Co-op Banquet was this past weekend.  Keilee went back and forth about going.  She didn’t feel the NEED to go since she is only in 8th grade but her friends wanted her to.  She finally decided to go.  We borrowed a beautiful, red formal from a friend and then she got sick.  She felt a little better Saturday and decided to go to just the dinner and then come home.  She also decided to wear a shorter dress and save the red one for something bigger.

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Here are a few of some of the kids after dinner. 

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I asked her if she wanted to go back to Co-op and stay but she really felt horrible.  So we went home.

We only have 1 more Co-op.  As much as I have loved it I am ready for a break.  We aren’t sure about next year.  Things are so uncertain in our lives right now.

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1. Augustus eating sweet potato  2.  Kids doing collages at Co-op.  3. Keilee setting up her camera to do a time lapse video for her Photography class.  She also did one of an ice cube melting.  4. Wild Roses at our house.  They were one of my Mom’s favorites.

We had a forecast Monday for bad weather.  They hadn’t made this much of a big deal about it since April 27, 2011.  You can read the post I wrote about that here. 

I spent my childhood in the closet for tornado warnings.  I have never been afraid.  All that changed after April 27th.  We cleaned out our closet in the hall Monday afternoon.  We got blankets and pillows.  We watched the weather as tornadoes touched down in Mississippi and then headed our way.  Then, about 2 hours later,  he said it, “If you live in Decatur go to your safe place now”.  The sirens were screaming, it was storming like crazy outside, and Keilee, Nomad and I huddled in our closet.  Augustus was right outside in the hall.  I posted a picture on Instagram and got almost 100 comments with people praying for us.  I read them to Keilee while my heart just thumped in my chest.  Keilee got texts from Grace, Lilah and Abby.  I love these homeschool girls who live all over the country but love each other.  Keilee posted the picture on the top right on her Instagram.  Isn’t that just the best thing?  The bottom right picture is from a town about 12 miles from us.  I didn’t take it.

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My birthday was Wednesday.  I had a very good day.  Keilee is always more excited about my birthday than I am.  My Dad and Marlene, Patsy, Eddie, Heather and Katherine and the neighbor ladies all came over during the day.  Keilee made me the most amazing book.  I asked her to video it so I could show all of you.  She used a child’s board book.  She also found and prepared dinner.  An INCREDIBLE dinner.  She made Caesar salad, lemon chicken thighs and pasta with a cream cheese sauce and broccoli, squash and mushrooms.  It was so good.  And Google knew it was my birthday!!!  This must be a new feature.  It was very cool.

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Here is the book she made me:

We don’t have a lot planned this weekend.  Next week the weather is supposed to ROCK!!  Mid to high 80’s!

Please continue to pray for my boss and for Keilee and I.  He is still recovering from neck surgery.  Times are hard but we are ‘gooder than good’ as my Mother always said.  God provides.

Happy weekend all!
Homeschool Rocks,
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13 thoughts on “Banquets, Bad Weather and Birthdays…”

  1. The tornado watch must have been so scary! Glad you’re both okay! As usual Keilee looks gorgeous despite not feeling well! LOVE the book! It’s so funny. I was just thinking about the song, These Boots Were made For Walking the other day and decided to see if Nancy Sinatra’s original American Bandstand version was on You Tube! It was ! I actually remember watching it the first time it aired!

  2. Glad you are safe. I was thinking of you both when the the tornados made the news down here.Hope your boss’s recovery continues and that you and Keilee remain “gooder than good” (love that phrase by the way).

  3. I am glad everyone is safe. I was praying for you and everyone during the storms. Those things are terrifying.

    Happy Birthday. That dinner looks and sounds yummy.

    I will keep you and you boss in our prayers.

  4. I’m always so happy to see all the stuff you two are up to. Not so happy about the storms, but I’m glad you’re safe.

    Sending good thoughts about your boss/job. I got news yesterday that has me seeking a new job. And my heart is broken.

  5. I am so glad you all are safe. I hope your future becomes more clear soon. I know it is hard not knowing what is happening. Our prayers are with you.
    Blessings, Dawn

  6. I think it is so cool that your co-op is so active and has a formal! We have homeschool dances, but they are state-wide and often hours from here!

    The girls were just asking about Augustus last night. Glad to see he is doing well!

  7. I wasn’t able to watch the video (it said an error occurred and to try again later – so I’ll be back!) but the book just looks lovely. Keilee seems such a beautiful person, both inside and out and I just love all the presents she makes for you. All are priceless.
    I’m glad you are both okay despite the weather.

  8. I am simply blown away by her board book. It is truly a work of art. My brain is always thinking about these kids of ours and how to use their talents to make money. She should offer to make these for people. They could have a theme (birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc) and the quotes could be reflective of that. The person ordering it could send her some pictures of the person to be included. Oh, the possibilities….

  9. I saw the lovely pictures of Keilee earlier and still can’t believe how sick she was! She looked amazing and beautiful. I’m so happy that you all were spared during the severe storms. We get them here more regularly than I’d like and it’s never a picnic, but rarely is it down right terrifying.

    Your birthday dinner looked delicious and I wish I could have tried some. Keilee is such a thoughtful and loving daughter. We have still been praying for the two of you and even though we know it will all work out in the end, it can be so difficult to wait for that positive ending to happen.

    Have a good weekend and know that we are praying for you and thinking of you often!

  10. Praying for you, Karen…. it sounds like things are uncertain right now.

    Yes, the weather was really bad here, too — I really dislike living in this part of the country during the spring. I’m glad you guys are ok, but 12 miles is just too close for comfort.

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