Have Ya’ll Missed Me?

So I’ve been gone a while.  My poor, sweet homeschoolgirls blog was hacked.  By porn.  Lord I can’t even stand typing that word here.  I was so upset.  I talked to my hosting company and they gave me a number to call.  Which I did.  And they told me it would be $75 a month for a year to fix it.  So I cried.  I can’t afford that.  But my blog….. So I called them back and this girl told me of a more affordable company.  So I called them.  And he was awesome.  But then he went overseas to adopt 3 children (which is amazing but it delayed my blog another month).

But I am back.  Thankfully.  It just freaks me out that if anyone Googled homeschoolgirls.net they got “This site is hacked” followed by a description of the hacked site.  Trust me, it was bad.

My first thought was “oh my gosh I will never catch up so why try”.  The last few months have been insane.  And there is no way I can catch up.  So I will highlight and try to do better.

It’s been so very hot this summer.  Like “heat wave advisory” hot.  We’ve spent a lot of time at the pool.  Keilee has left her Princess group and started her own.  Go like her Facebook page if you’re on Facebook and I will post more of the events that lead to this later.  But it’s a good thing.  Always.

We’ve gotten together with friends, gone to the Farmer’s Market, volunteered at the soup kitchen, attended a wonderful production of 1776 and of course, searched for Pokemon.

summer collage

Pool time fun!


Friday the 22nd was our women’s conference at church.  Keilee usually works keeping kids but this time she was able to SPEAK at the conference.  Which was very cool because she isn’t old enough to attend.  I am posting the video (which is very blurry for the first 40 seconds for some reason) but very awesome.


The video:

So it’s almost time for 11th grade to start.  11th GRADE!!!!!  Seriously y’all how is that even possible?

My goal this school year is to be better at updating my blog.  I told Keilee this morning that I keep paying for the hosting and never posting.  And she said, ‘Yes Mom and I’ll always pay for it, and my kids will always pay for it and my grandkids will pay for it. It can’t be just gone!”

Homeschooling Rocks,




7 thoughts on “Have Ya’ll Missed Me?”

  1. YES, you were missed! I can’t believe your site was hacked. That’s terrible. I was wondering what was up and hoping all was well. So glad you’re back! 11th grade! Wow! And here I am freaking out because I’m down to one and he’s in 8th grade this year. Tell Keilee that I think she’s amazing. Just like her mama. Looking forward to your future posts. Hugs, Camie

  2. I glad you were able to sort that mess out. It’s crazy. We know nothing on the internet is “safe” but we never expect our safe space to be hijacked. It’s good to see your words again!

  3. Me either!!! They told me it’s so they have access to a free site. I was so mad. And it wasn’t that long ago!!! Time flies. @ Ami:

  4. Thanks Dawn. It’s a spoken word. It’s so cool how it worked out. Bené asked her to take part in another portion of the event. Kei heard this spoken word, memorized it and told Bené and did it for her. Bené said it was perfect and wanted her to do it. And it ended up being the most perfect thing. It went along exactly with the message. It was a total God thing!!! @ Dawn

  5. So sorry about the hack. I don’t understand why people do that… where is the thrill?

    She did wonderfully. And 11th grade???
    Seems like it wasn’t that long ago I was sending little crafty things to a ten year old.

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