Under The Sea

Keilee left her other Princess group and started her own.  Without being all dramatic or anything they were just going in a different direction than Keilee wanted to go.  They wanted her to sign a contract which she isn’t even old enough to legally do.  Since she adores this so much she decided to just do it herself.  She has 3 other people at this point and more to add later maybe.

People have been amazing.  AMAZING because there was some nastiness when she left.  But that’s all behind us and we are looking forward.

My sweet Daddy bought her a pink Ariel costume.  She has always loved Ariel since she was 2.  She used to sit in my lap and watch The Little Mermaid over and over.  It is the first Disney movie she ever watched.  And now she can play her.  A wonderful friend who has claimed Keilee as her niece has bought her 4 costumes!!  Yes 4!!!  I didn’t even know what to say.  I just cried at her generosity.  Keilee hasn’t gotten all of them in yet and they are a surprise but one of them is the Ariel Mermaid costume.  It is VERY modest and Keilee would not have worn it if it showed her stomach.

Wednesday she went to a Princess Ballet Camp as Ariel.

Here are some of my favorites:

Meeting the little princesses:


Dancing with them


Answering a million questions: questions

Hugs are the best:

They loved Ariel:


This has been a stressful, amazing, scary, wonderful thing for her.  It’s hard to start from scratch.  She has worked so very hard.

She has sought out volunteer opportunities to get their name out there.  She is offering video messages to people who live all over the world; things like “Happy Birthday”, “Back to School”, “Get Well Soon” and more.

Please if you have Facebook go to her page and “Like” it.  FACEBOOK She will so appreciate your support.  Her Instagram is MagicalMemoriesAL.

Enjoy her Ariel dance.  She is so silly.

Happy August 1st!
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5 thoughts on “Under The Sea”

  1. So proud of Keilee! People can be so petty sometimes, but I have a feeling everything will come together for Keilee. Love the video!

  2. Too bad that the group had to end so badly. I hate it when things like that happen, especially to good people like you guys.

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