The Week That Almost Killed Me…

It’s been a busy several days.

Like “if I have to see Keilee in another costume I may scream” busy.

Rapunzel, Cinderella, Elsa, Ariel, Elsa again, Luna Lovegood, Hamilton bound costume for a sing-along, costume for church, Ariel again….

But she is loving this.  She has done so well to only have her page a month.  I remind her daily, “School starts soon and you will be busier”.

I’m afraid she does too much.  What is too much?  At what point can I tell it’s too much? When she has a meltdown? When she starts rocking in the corner?  Or maybe when “I” do!

So ladies and gentleman, our week.

Hamilton Sing Along. Oh my gosh this was WONDERFUL!!!  It turned out so much cooler than I thought it would.  And my little rap girl was awesome.


Release of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.  The last time we went to a book release she was 8.  And won the costume contest as Hermione.  This year she was 16 and won the costume contest as Luna Lovegood!


Princess Leia at an outdoor movie presentation of “The Force Awakens”.  She is NOT a Star Wars fan.  She knows nothing except “she kisses her brother”.  Thankfully only 1 person asked a question.  “Where is Luke Skywalker”.  She told them, ‘He is back on the planet.  Doing stuff”. Ha


Photo shot with her Prince Charming.  They are very good friends so is “wasn’t awkward” Keilee said.


Elsa at Epic Church.

Elsa at Pitsagram.  This is a Pit Bull competition that raises school supplies and supports anti-bullying campaigns.  There were cute kids and ALL. THE.DOGS (The dog in the picture with Keilee and the little girl is named “Queen Elsa”)


Rapuzel photo shoot.  I think she is one of my favorites:


Visit to our local Art Museum for a Lion King exhibit:

Lion King Collage

She found time to make a Pokemon Go hat and ball.  And she promptly got 14 orders!!


And Monday’s on her Instagram and her Facebook page is “Mermaid Monday”.  Here’s this weeks:


So there you go.  Our crazy few days.  Can I sleep now?  For about a month?

As of this posting my car is broken!  The alternator is shot. Thankfully it will /hopefully/ be repaired this weekend.  Not having a car is the pits but the sweet older lady next door is letting us use her extra car for a couple of days.

We are starting school the 20th.  More about those plans later!

Happy Friday all!
Homeschooling Rocks!

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that they are someone today. ~Stacia Tauscher




4 thoughts on “The Week That Almost Killed Me…”

  1. She looks so at home and full of happy energy. I do know what you mean about it being too much for the mom, however. I am 55 this year and have trouble with my kids’ schedules, especially my youngest’s.

  2. Love the quote at the end of this post.And I love how homeschool teens can live thier life today rather than being solely focussed on tomorrow (often getting into college). Keilee certainly is someone today. Hope next week is a little quieter for you. I’m tired just reading it all!

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