I’m backkkkkkkkk…..

So once again my blog got hacked.  This time it was a redirect virus.  Unfortunately the company that I have hired to clean and monitor it isn’t very speedy.  Like ‘it took them 3 months’ not speedy.  With me emailing every other day. So I’ve been a bit frustrated.

There is no way to catch up with something like that.  So I won’t try.  11th grade started.  It is going great but not in a ‘we are getting every subject done every day’ sort of way.  More like she is running 2 businesses, serving on our town’s steering committee and running their Instagram account, leading kid’s church every week, getting all her crochet items made for the Christmas season, having a Princess event almost every weekend, talking to businesses all the time about doing events, always looking for volunteer opportunities, doing Bringing Smart Back sort of way.

And that’s ok with me.  She still does ‘schooly’ things.  Just not every day.

Our life is moving along.  Life is good and I will post more later.  Fun things like pictures and dog stories and just our sometimes crazy busy,  mostly always beautiful life!

Homeschooling Rocks!

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