Hello 2017

2017.  It’s so unreal to me that it is 2017.

We have been crazy busy.  Well Keilee has been crazy busy which means I am crazy busy by default.

She keeps up with her busy life with a planner that is a work of art. Seriously.  I use a notebook and pen.  And that works for me. But she prefers “pretty”.

She celebrated her 17th birthday.  We went to iHop the same way we have done since she was 3.  And there are waitresses who remember her!
17…. I can’t even.

She and Emma got to spend time together.  Emma spent the night and they stayed up way late talking and listening to music and talking and watching movies and talking.  It’s hard when your best friend is so far away.

She still working hard on Bringing Smart Back.  If you don’t follow her on social media you should!  Your kids will love it.

Instagram @bringingsmartback

Here are some pictures from the activities she did for her children’s book club.

She had her first lunch meeting this week for her Princess company.  Someone wanted to meet with her to discuss an opportunity. She thought that was SO cool.  (and so did her Mamma)

She has done amazing things with  her Princess group in 6 short months.  She had/has 8 events in January.  She has even booked events in May.  This is from 2 birthday parties ON THE SAME DAY!  A day that was below 10° windchill.  And our fountain in front of the state bank froze so what else but Elsa pictures?

She has also crocheted 27 hats for custom orders!!  In 4 weeks.

And there has been US History, Forensics, American Lit (she is  reading The Catcher in the Rye), Child Psychology and more.  But she learns so very much just living life, running 2 businesses, watching documentaries, reading news stories and so much more.

All in all it has been a great start to 2017.  Like I told Keilee the other day, her ‘school’ experience doesn’t look like the kids in the school down the street but it is a beautiful thing.

Happy 2017!

Homeschooling Rocks!

“Little girls with dreams become women with vision” ~Unknown


Below is the video Keilee made with all her characters.  I LOVE it so much!

Our Characters!

Please share!
Our Characters!
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  1. Happy 2017, Karen. I can’t believe your beautiful Keilee is 17! My sweet baby girl just turned 19. She’s away at college and I miss her. I hope this is year is amazing for you and Keilee. I don’t think she will ever regret her unique schooling. Just today someone asked me if I was going to put Marcus in school here. I replied, “No way!”

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