Politics and Princesses…

Sometimes I wonder why I pay for this month after month.  I rarely update it.  But the thoughts of it ‘going away’ makes me seriously sick to my stomach.  It’s our life, from 2008 to now.  So I keep it and promise myself to ‘do better’.

February is half way over.  Keilee and I were just discussing the fact that times has gone by crazy fast.  It’s insane.  4 months until she is a ‘senior’. How in the heck can that be true?

School has gone slowly this year. She hasn’t done tons of ‘booky’ things but she has learned and learned and learned.  She has taken a class this year that we didn’t even know she would be taking. It’s called Politics 101.  I do not discuss my politics.  I could write a post about why I don’t but just suffice to say we have never watched and followed politics like we do now.  We watch huge amounts of news stories, listen to tons of podcasts, read about 7 different newspapers and news sites.

She still does American Lit. She just finished “Catcher in the Rye” which she didn’t love and now she is listening to “1984” which she does love.  She does Forensics and Child Psychology and US History.  She watches documentaries and knows so much about so much.

Some of my favorite moments this month:

She was asked to come to the courthouse for ADOPTION DAY for this brother and sister and then come to the after party and announce they were going to Disney!!!  It was magical. Simply magical.

Filming a scene for a TV show to be shown in Children’s hospitals in the US.

A wonderful night at a nearby library.  The kids were mesmerized.

Happy Birthday Cinderella. The movie was released this month in 1950!

Valentine’s day at our library. She read a book to the kids and then one of them ‘read’ one to her.

Happy rest of February. Make it wonderful.

Homeschooling Rocks!

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
~Robert Breault



5 thoughts on “Politics and Princesses…”

  1. I’m hardly on blogger anymore which is why I missed this post! It’s a daily dilemma, post or not to post. It’s all really the same stuff these days….. I love how beautifully busy you are!

  2. I’m so proud of Keilee. Even though I have nothing to do with any of it… it’s been a privilege to watch her grow up here on your blog. She always looks so happy and like she’s having such a wonderful time with her work. I can tell that she’s wonderful with kids. I’m sure it’s already occurred to her that she’s making lifelong memories for the little people she encounters. Some of them will never, as long as they live, forget meeting Cinderella or Tinkerbell or Merida.

    I am always happy when you write a post, and would be so disappointed if you decided to stop blogging. So much more depth here than other platforms.

    I am on the book of Face, and I love being able to keep up with my family and friends, but it’s just so shallow. Which is why I still blog. And still have no connection TO that blog from FB or anywhere else. Not that anonymity is possible, but I can at least make it a little more difficult.

    I vote that you blog at least monthly.
    And they say our votes count…

  3. I know what you mean about not having the time to do weekly posts. I am switching to monthly wrap-up posts myself. It has been fun watching you guys on Instagram but it is still nice to see your posts here. She is growing up so fast!

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