So Long 11th Grade…

We learn all the time.  I don’t measure learning in 9 month intervals.  That being said our cover requires an ‘end’ date.  So on paper we are finished with Keilee’s 11th grade year.

And I totally suck at updating my blog so I am adding a few pictures of the last 2 months.

Soulstock 2017.  Although it did get rained out we had a blast keeping an performing artist’s little boy.

Meet Kanzy the Swimming Mermiad.  Keilee’s newest character.  And her practicing in her Monofin.  Cause it’s harder than it looks!

Me and Her…

Reading at the Library.  As herself. 😉

Reading, Playing, With the Mayor

This is what she made me for Mother’s Day.  It’s a temperature blanket.  This one is based on the high temperature on my Mother’s birthday from the year she was born and the year she died.  I cried my eyes out.

My twirly girl.

Emma and “Rapunzel”

From an Elsa photo shoot.  Aren’t these wonderful?

Our homeschool journey has never looked like most I guess.  We have always learned what she wanted to learn.  If that’s 3 sciences that’s what we did.

This past year was even more different.  She started her own Princess company in July of last year and has spent a  year building it up.  She has been unbelievably successful.

Here are a few of the things she accomplished this “Junior” year.

There was US History, Child Psychology, Forensics, American Literature, a bit of math, online world religion class and a few other things.
And guess what these had in common? She didn’t completely finish any of them. And I’m perfectly fine with that.
Because she also started her own Princess company Magical Memories which to date has done over 80 events. She worked continuously on ideas, the Facebook and Instagram pages, took photo shoots with every one of her girls (and herself), edited pictures from every single event, built a webpage, held auditions, stayed in contact with parents and businesses to coordinate every event and so much more.
She entered and won a video contest with Southern Girls Project, took over their Instagram, and al. com’s Snapchat for a week. She was asked to speak at “Women Who Shaped The State-Modern Trailblazers” event. She served on our town’s steering committee as the youngest member, attending meetings and heading the table at 2 city wide events.
She ran a successful crochet business with over 60 orders. She learned to make a quilt. She volunteered countless hours at our soup kitchen and in the community. She worked backstage at our community theatre’s production of “Driving Miss Daisy”. She has an educational IG and Facebook account @bringingsmartback She led kids church every Sunday learning a new script each time. She reads to a Pre-K group at our library as ‘just Keilee’. She filmed 2 episodes for a TV show to be shown at Children’s Hospitals and she was in a segment for a NASA children’s show.
She found time to do things that feed her soul.
And she did most of it in 6″ heels!
So yeah. I’m not worried about a few books that weren’t finished.

Bring on her senior year.
And please Lord let it go S.L.O.W.L.Y  Like paint drying slowly.  Like cold molasses slow.  Like snail slow.

Homeschooling Rocks,



4 thoughts on “So Long 11th Grade…”

  1. Love all the pics! What a fantastic 11th grade year. So many accomplishments and so much joy. You and Keilee both rock! She’s so blessed to have you as her mama. I do hope her senior year goes by slowly. Slower at any rate!

  2. I still can’t believe we have seniors……I just don’t know how that is possible. I’m so excited to see what next year has in store!

  3. I’m so proud of my sweet niece Keilee. 😀
    And I need to order something crocheted from her before she gets too busy to fill those orders. I feel like I helped her get started with the whole yarn thing.

    So, you homeschool.
    What about her social skills?

  4. Oh, my, she has learned and accomplished so much! You are wise not to worry about the unfinished books. She has the tools to do whatever she wants.

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