Kanzy the Mermaid

June is speeding by.  I know everyone says this all the time but goodness gracious time moves quickly.

I follow so many people on Instagram and Facebook with younger kids and I just want to go up to each of them, take their hands and tell them this, “It goes so quickly.  You may not think that now.  You may only be able to see the here and now but take it from me, a Momma whose 17 year old was 3 about 2 seconds ago, it goes by SO QUICKLY.  Enjoy the moments.”

This summer between her 11th and 12th grade year has been  spent so far at Princess events. (And Mermaid events).

Her company, Magical Memories, is almost a year old.  It has exceeded her wildest dreams.  This success came with a lot of work.  More work than she anticipated.  Keilee has an outlook on life and things she wants to do that I would give anything to have.  She sees something big and thinks “I can do this. I will just break it down and do each thing until it is done”.  I have a horrible habit of seeing the same thing and thinking “I can’t do that! It’s too much!”

She had wanted a mermaid tail forever and finally bought a custom made one after a lot of research.  Things didn’t go as planned.  The color bleached out when she took promo pics in it.  Then there was a lot of back and forth with the Etsy individual who made it.  In the end neither one of us were happy with the way it was handled but sometimes you just have to suck things up.

She has had an event at a country club and a reading in a park. She has a few more things scheduled and she loves being a mermaid.  The video is one a friend filmed for her.  She is still learning tricks and such.

Mermaid at the Country Club

Mermaid Reading

Mermaid Video:

Add many birthday parties, city meetings, an all day Leadership class once a week, swimming, a lot of reading and so much more and this first month of summer has been slammed.  It’s kinda the way we operate though.

Homeschooling Rocks!

“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.”   —Jenny Han



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  1. Amen to cherishing our time with our babies because they grow up way too fast, in the blink of an eye! Yes, we know that all too well! Keilee is so amazing! It’s a shame about her first mermaid tail. Sounds like it wasn’t tested enough. Hope the rest of your summer is fantastic, Karen.

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