Storytelling, Costumes and Cotton…

Ok so I’m not going to start my post talking about how quickly time is flying.  Or the fact that it’s NOVEMBER.  Nope…

Just going to dive right in with some fun.  We always take cotton pictures.  We always have.  It’s so strange to me that there are people who haven’t seen cotton.  A few years ago we offered to send cotton to our Instagram friends who have never seen it.  There was a lot of people.

We also go to a Storytelling Festival every year.  It is always wonderful.  I think storytelling is a lost art and I love that Keilee has grown up listening to great stories.

Basil and Rosemary are about the only 2 things we can grow successfully.  We freeze it in bags or freeze it in ice cube trays to throw in the crockpot.

She got to be Merida for a party. Merida is HER favorite but no one ever wants her.  She speaks in a Scottish accent so I ‘get’ to hear that for days.  And days.  And days.

She volunteered for Head Start in 4 classes, one elementary school and the library as “Gumdrop the Candy Monster”.  THAT voice is very high and squeaky so I got to listen to that too.

She dresses so cute.  And it’s ALL thrift store and garage sale clothes.

Always dancing and singing in the car.  My life is many things; quiet is NOT one of them. 😉


Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is a short (21) minutes that comes out at Thanksgiving.  Keilee made a decision to buy the (expensive) costume.  It is glorious.

The cape is so beautiful.

At church she was asked to do a spoken word of a Christian rap song.  She killed it.  It was so emotional and I was so proud of her.
The entire sermon is wonderful but her part is at 45:00 minutes

The video


So there you have it.  The last couple of weeks.  I told Keilee the other day, “What in the world will I be when you graduate? All my social media and my blog is Homeschool Girls”.  And she said, “Mom you named it that because we both were learning.  We both will still be learning. You are keeping it Homeschool Girls forever.”

Homeschooling Rocks,

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. Henry David Thoreau



4 thoughts on “Storytelling, Costumes and Cotton…”

  1. I agree with her! Homeschool Girls FOREVER!!!!!!

    I am always impressed with how much you do! It all sounds wonderful.

    I loved her rap. I had the girls listen to it as well and we all said it was amazing!

  2. I’m also trying to ignore the fact that it is November since it means two of my kids have birthdays and that one of them will turn 20 which means I will have more adult kids than teen kids. I’m also wondering what I’ll be when I’m no longer homeschooling – need to make an appointment with someone to help me turn what I’ve been doing into as respectable looking resume as can be managed. The new Frozen costume looks gorgeous.

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