Sean of the South

I have loved Sean Dietrich AKA Sean of the South for years.

If you aren’t familiar with his work go find him.  He is very active on Facebook (under Sean Dietrich and Sean of the South), Twitter and Instagram.  He also has a podcast and several books.

His writing evokes a simpler time.  He is 35 with an old soul.  I know way too much about his life, his lovely wife Jamie and his dog Ellie Mae.

For the Carnegie Carnival he came to our town. I seriously almost lost  my mind when I saw it on Facebook at 11:00 PM.  Keilee thought something was wrong.  It was expensive (to us) but Keilee insisted we go.  She said it would be our Valentine’s gift to each other.

We arrived and met his wife at his book table.  She was delightful.  Seriously we both fell in love with her within 3 minutes.  She had us rolling laughing with stories she told.  The show itself was wonderful.  He is a magnificent storyteller and also singer.  He is funny and poignant and heartbreaking at times.  His father committed suicide when he was 12 and it is a huge part of who he is. He see the absolute good in everyone.  He notices small details. He sees beauty.  He appreciates all the small details.

He comes from humble beginnings.  He doesn’t like fancy people or fancy events.

Us with Jamie Dietrich.

Sean on stage.

Afterwards we met him. Twice.  The first time we were the first in line.  We assured him we were ‘his biggest fans’.  (but not in a creepy way) and I bought a book even though I have them all on Kindle.  He offers them for free occasionally on his Facebook page.

Then we went back to talk to Jamie and in the course of the conversation it came up that Keilee owned a princess company.  She told us that Sean’s younger sister did that years ago so of course we had to stand in line again to tell him.  He thought it was very cool and asked Keilee is she played Elsa.  (he has a niece) and asked her to sing Let it Go.  She told him he had to sing it with her.

All in all it was an incredible night.  Please find him and read some of this stories.  I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed.  In fact they may change the way you see the world.  I know they have changed the way WE see it.

Homeschooling Rocks!

“We all lose in the end. The fight in between is all that counts.”
―Sean Dietrich

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  1. I have also enjoyed his photos on Instagram. Cool guy. I know that was a great night for you guys.

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