My Mother, My Friend…

Today is my Mother’s birthday.

She has been gone for a year and 4 months and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her.† But…the grief does get better.† It eases.† It softens around the edges.† It isn’t crying uncontrollably grief.† I guess it has to be like that or we would all just sit in a padded room somewhere.

Life goes on.† Life goes on…..

I have reconnected with my Mother’s best friend.† They were best friends since high school.† Keilee and I have started going to garage sales with her.† She and my Mother used to go every Friday.† She has been telling me stories about my Mom that I never knew.† She knows a different side of her.† My mother and I were always friends, but of course, there were many things she shared and discussed with friends that she didn’t talk to me about.† I always feel so close to my Mother when I am with Patsy.

Kei and I talk about her a lot.† I don’t want Kei to forget her.† Kids forget you know?† When things are happening to you, when you are in the moment, you don’t believe that you would ever forget.† But we forget….

My mother always signed my Birthday cards in the same way:

My daughter, my friend.

Happy Birthday my Mother, my friend; †I hope you are dancing with the angels.† I miss you so much.


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