Who Am I?

I named our site “Homeschool Girls” because, even though Keilee is an only child, I feel like I am learning also.

I am a single mother who lives in Northern Alabama and began homeschooling my now 16 (every year when I update this I can not believe how fast she has grown) year old in August 2007.

I am a daughter who has recently lost her mother. [When I first wrote this it was ‘recent’, although it is almost 7 years, it still feels that way.]

I am a woman of God who is trying to raise a Girl of God in this crazy world that we live in.

Sometimes I soar magnificently.

Other times I fall spectacularly.

Most times I do the best I can.

At various times in my life I have been …..

Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Niece, Cousin, Aunt, Student, Teacher, Wife, Best Friend, Mother, Christian, Artist, Decorator, Chef, Gardener, Accountant, Doctor, Housekeeper, Baby Sitter, Makeup Artist, Actor, Singer, Painter, Seamstress, Photographer, Banker, Peace Maker, Debater, Researcher…..

Some of these I have done badly.

A few I have done well.

Most were done with the best of intentions.

I love homeschooling. I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING. It is the best thing I have ever done.
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  1. Hi Karen,
    I used to follow you on IG (michcor1), but left IG for a number of reasons. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that your blog has inspired me more than any other resource when it comes to homeschooling my children. I have used so many of the links/resources/books you’ve listed, and we have enjoyed them. I recommend your blog to anyone that will listen, because I believe that how you homeschool Keilee is exactly how it should be done. I just want you to know that you are very inspiring as a homeschool mom, and as a mother. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi there! I just wanted to drop a note and say I am SO happy to have found your site! I discovered it through Instagram and it’s a breath of fresh air for me as I am homeschooling my only child- there are a lot of people around here who homeschool but most have a lot of kids! I’ve felt like a loner in this only child business. 🙂 the weirdest part is, I started my girl last year- when she was 7 as well! You have been a God send! Thanks so much!!

  3. Hello,
    I follow on instagram and saw a post when Keilee was doing an experiment American Chemistry Society. Did you guys like that? I have a son who is in the same grade and looking for ideas to work on with him. Thank you for your time.

  4. You said you’re in Northern Alabama. What’s the climate like there for homeschoolers? Are there many?
    I may move there in the future. Maybe Elkmont, if you know it.

    Thanks, Lisa

  5. I follow you on Instagram and I noticed that you had took your daughter to Point Mallard. I live in the Trinity area. (Lawrence County side) I love your blog. It feels good to see another fellow homeschooler in your area. I also noticed that you co op. We also co op. (Masters Hand Christian School) Keep the blogs coming…. I love them.

  6. Dear Homeschool Gurls,

    I would like to start off by saying thank you, so “THANK YOU!!1!”
    I would like to begin by telling you how much I appreciate you’re advice for us homeschoolies (daughters age seven and thirteen! I’ll send pictures of them to you on your email!)
    Since the dawn of time, mothers have had daughters. I love my daughters and I love your blog (i think I love your blog more)
    It’s time we fight in battle for us homeschoolies. People don’t understand us!!!.
    Public school is full of people. We tried to avoid that, but we still go to the grocery store (sometimes!!!!) ;-D

    Here’s a poem that i read to my homeschoolies once a week:

    Roses are red,
    Violets are violet,
    Let mama keep you in her arms,
    safe and warm

    Love and blessings,

  7. Hello to you and hope all is well 🙂

    I too am starting to homeschool my two girls, again. Yes, again. Homeschooling the
    first time was really great. No complaints. But after that, the older one wanted to
    experience an all girls school; so therefore, the younger one went along as well.
    One is a 9th grader, the other one is a 5th grader.

    But now, even though there is only 3 months left before school is out for them,
    finances played a part in my decision to start back to the homeschooling.
    But also the fact that there was just way too much stress there; curriculum and
    the other girls. I don’t understand the point of paying a college tuition for a
    private school, and then to top it off, the girls there want to basically, bully and
    tease other girls. No, no, no. No more.

    All the faculty can say is, “just ignore it and walk away”. Ok, but, why not try
    to fix the problem? Girls that are getting bullied are human beings with emotions;
    especially at their young ages.

    Long story short, in my honest opinion, homeschooling, at least for me and my
    kids, is the best option. There are just wayyyyy too many things going on in
    a lot of schools. Too much. God knows there is so much that we in this life have
    to go through in this world that we live in, right?

    By the way, I’m in NJ. I used to live in Tennessee; beautiful.
    If ever you want to talk with me, just let me know.



  8. Hi,
    My only daughter is homeschooling too; she is 5 1/2 now. I am glad to have come across your blog; it’s really touching. We live in North Florida, not too far from you I guess.

  9. Hi,
    My homeschooled me and my siblings too. I loved it and I hope to homeschool my own kids one day. God bless you and your daughter!

  10. I love that you named your site Homeschool Girls! I feel like I learn right along with my children, too — I always say “we” in my posts because I feel like I’m one of the students in our homeschool

    I’m so thankful you are an active participant on Three Thinking Mothers. Thank you for being so supportive of the blog!

  11. Hi! I received the below poem of yours below from a friend of mine who said we could pass it along. I love this!! I seny my child to public school like everyone tells us to do but I had second thoughts from the get go. She is in Kindergarten this year and she is not going back next year- I’m homeschooling her! I am so happy to know that I will not be blind to what is going on with her and that I will be able to cherish so many moments in life with her that other people won’t get to do with there children. The easy thing to do is to send her to school and not worry about it but I can’t do that. I will post this poem in my homeschooling room to remind me of why this is the right choice to make. Thanks for writing this and allowing people to see it. I could not have said it better myself. Thanks again and God Bless!
    Suzanne Maas

    I could send her to school,
    And from 8:00-3:00 have no clue.

    How many times she laughed,

    How many times she learned,

    How many times she questioned,

    How many times she understood,

    How many times she wanted more information,

    How many times she bounced in her chair from excitement,

    How many times she was proud of something she did.

    I could send her to school and she could get her exercise and sunshine,

    In 20 minute doses, if she had on the right shoes, and no one
    misbehaved and everyone was quiet.

    I could send her to school

    And let her eat the processed high fat, low nutrition fare they feed
    millions of children a day,

    if she had enough time to eat and didn’t talk too loud and if no
    one grabbed her food.


    I could homeschool her.

    Karen Cagle

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