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  1. I am using a virtual school at home for my daughters but I wnt to take them out of the public school system ..Do you have any advice you can give ?

  2. Good morning, So I showed my daughter, Dakota, Keilee’s overalls she made and she loved them. She commented on one day being able to meet her. I said maybe one of these days 🙂 Then she seen the post of your friends you have visiting that you met through on-line communications. She got so excited “see mommy we can, where do they live again?” So I told her and she went running to the map 🙂 Then to my husband to see how long it would take to get there. About 12 hours he said. “See mom it’s not that far” I had to laugh, love the little childs minds. Enjoy the time with your friends. Mary H.

  3. I homeschool my only daughter also. Bri is seven. So glad to have found your site.

    God Bless and have a wonderful Easter weekend.

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