Curriculum, Ideas, Etc

12th Grade 2017/2018 (I can’t even…)

Western Civ
World Literature
Algebra 2
Creative Writing

Bringing Smart Back
Magical Memories
Keilee’s Kreations
Internship: teaching theatre in city schools and homeschool class


11th Grade 2016/2017

American History (Crash Course) (Oliver Stone The Untold History of the United States) (Dave Ramsey American History)

American Lit

Child Psychology


Online Course (Understanding the Origin of Crime) /See a pattern here? She loves crime/forensics.

CNN Student News

Runs Bringing Smart Back

Runs One Decatur Instagram

Runs her business
Facebook: Magical Memories
Instagram: Magical Memories

Runs her Business Keilee’s Kreations


10th Grade Plans 2015-16

This year is going to find us immersed in Europe. European History from 1200 to now, European literature, a Shakespeare study and European Art .

I searched and searched for a European History book that wasn’t just a ‘book’ with no avail.  I found some college level books but they were way too pricey for me.  So I bought The Complete Idiot’s Guide to European History.  It had really good reviews and we were able to look through it online to check it out.

We are using Introduction to English Literature which was given to us by a friend.

We are using various resources to study European Art.

We are using The Shakespeare Book and studying various plays and sonnets for our Shakespeare study.

She is doing a Farm Study too.  Her dream is to own a small, self sustaining farm and she already has a notebook full of resources.

We also are doing a Geography study. She picked 36 countries that she wants to learn more about. We are doing notebook pages and trying some foods from the countries.

I’m not sure what we are doing for the dreaded Math.  I believe we will use Khan Academy for Geometry.  Pray for us both.

Keilee has started a YouTube channel called “Bringing Smart Back“.  She does all the writing, filming, editing and promoting for this.  She posts a video every Wednesday.  She wants kids to know it’s cool to be smart.  Check out her channel! 🙂

And there’s Biology and art and Bible journaling . She will continue to work on her serial killer study (she’s a weird one) and in her online class with Jessica they will be writing a novel. In addition to her finishing the novel she is over half way finished called “September’s Children”.

9th Grade Plans 2014-2015


The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome We LOVE Susan Wise Bauer’s SOTW series. We used them all and loved them so I was so excited to find this. There is also an audio version!

I actually found the book but wondered how much work it would take to make lesson plans when I discovered this:
Study and Teaching Guide: The History of the Ancient World: It is like a grown up “Activities” guide for high school. It looks amazing! We are going to supplement this with movies that I found from the time periods she is studying.


Understanding Psychology: Keilee has always loved anything to do with the brain and people’s reasons for behaving a certain way. She found this used on Amazon so I ordered it. I found lesson plans and resources to go along with it here.


I couldn’t find a Southern Literature curriculum so we are making our own. Every book list I have found has “To Kill A Mockingbird” on it but Keilee has not only read the book and watched the movie but she played Scout in the play. My brother was very helpful because he was an English major. He gave us several suggestions. I ordered this book; “Growing Up in The South: An Anthology of Modern Southern Literature. I am going to pick a few of the books listed here. We are also reading short stories and poems including:

William Faulkner – Barn Burning and A Rose for Emily or The Bear
Flannery O’Connor – A Good Man is Hard to Find
Truman Capote – A Christmas Memory
Eudora Welty – Why I live at the PO and The Worn Path
Tennessee Williams – The Glass Menagerie or A Streetcar Named Desire (Plays and Movies)
Fannie Flagg – Fried Green Tomatoes
James Dickey – poems (I love Animal Heaven)
Alice Walker – The Flowers; The Color Purple (Flowers is very short but makes you think)
Because of what they wrote about Twain, Poe and Ambrose Bierce are called southern writers by some. Read The Open Window or An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Bierce. Both of those are great!

Keilee has written 24 chapters of her book and will continue to work on this. She will also take a Creative Writing class with Jessica and her girls.

We are trying to find a local class for this. Someone suggested contacting our Deaf Association and seeing if someone would be willing to teach Keilee. It would help them and her. I am waiting to hear back. In the meantime I found several websites. Lifeprint is one that I found a couple of months ago. Keilee knows the alphabet and so many words from a television show she has watched for a few years. I also found one from Start American Sign Language that looks interesting. Like most things she will have to dive in to know if it’s something she will benefit from.

I have so many Africa resources that Keilee will use for this study. She wants to one day live in Africa so she decided she needed to learn more about the people, the government and the country.
Some of the resources she is using are:
Africa Hands of a Child
African Lap Notes
African Countries
African Maps
Animals of The Savannah Plain
Southern Africa: Tribal Huts and Homes; Tribal Life and Nations
Water and Landforms of Africa
The A to Z of African Countries


Sandra pointed out that I didn’t put her Math on here!  Good grief, we can’t forget our favorite subject! NOT.  We started Algebra I last year and will finish in December and start Geometry 2nd semester.  Well, that’s the plan! :)


We are still looking for a good Bible Study.  All the ones I have seen for Teen Girls are full of dealing with things that, thankfully, isn’t something Keilee has to deal with.

We are also watching some YouTube Channels.   One is ET The HipHop Preacher that Bene’, one of our lead pastors, recommended.  I also found a audio version of The New Testament that we are going to listen to.  $2 at a yard sale! :)

 We plan on watching tons of movies using the Teach With Movies website. I actually found this site years ago when you had to pay a small yearly fee to join but now it is FREE!! It has so many movies and teaching resources to go along with it. Check it out, I think you will really like it!

World Government
Major World Religion
United States Presidents [ongoing] She is making Notebook Pages on each President with information on each one. It will be put in a notebook. I won a lifetime Membership to Notebooking Pages which we LOVE!!
Mythological Creatures
Medicinal Plants

YOUTUBE CHANNELS [She watches these continuously when she is doing anything creative]  I can not tell you how much Keilee has learned from watching YouTube videos all her life.  Her knowledge of all things Science and History amazes me!!
Please watch before you let your children watch. They may not all be appropriate for all ages.

Khan Academy
Animalist News
Animal Planet
Sic Show
Smarter Every Day   We know Dustin. He lives where we live and Keilee has done plays with his brother. :)
Crash Course
The Brain Scoop
V Sauce
Horrible History
National Geographic

CNN Student News
BBC Worldnews


Of course she will continue with her creative endeavors. She plans on taking her Crafts to our downtown Market on Tuesdays and restocking her Etsy store in time for Christmas.

She has written down all the ‘job shadowing’ opportunities she wants to explore. I have found that people are very willing to share their love of what they do with kids. All you have to do is ask. The worse they can say is “No”. These will be, hopefully, a couple of days to see if it is something she would like to pursue. Some of the places she has written down are:

Court House
Law Office
Animal Shelter
Wildlife Refuge

I love curriculum.† I think it is a pre-requisite to homeschool.† There are so many great choices out there.† Learning should never be boring!† It doesn’t have to be.

I am always looking for things I like.† As a single mom I am ever aware of the costs of things. † I am mostly just pulling things off the internet.† There are so many great sites out there it just takes time to find them.

Keilee’s 8th Grade Plans:

  • Internship at Dishman Animal Clinic – 5 hours a week [Science]
  • Internship at Old State Bank – 4 hours a week [History]
  • Internship at Morgan Co. Archives – twice a month [History]
  • Co-op : Photography, Art Journaling, Drama- weekly
  • Jesus Calling
  • Run Etsy Store [Math, Marketing]
  • Keep a blog – [Writing]
  • Write Around Town – [We got this idea from Jessica at Teachable Moments. We are going to various places around town to do nothing but write]
  • Tons of reading
  • Plays and a Film-  At least 2 plays this 2013-2014 year, maybe 3. More on the film later.
  • Saxon Math/Khan Academy – Algebra I  [She wants to do this]
  • Voice Lessons- weekly
  • Volunteer opportunities – We are talking to some people about volunteering in our community once a week.
  • Various Science courses at Sci-Quest a nearby Science Museum.
  • I will check into classes at Hudson Alpha/Institute for BioTechnology.  Genetics is another love of hers.
  • Lots of day trips to various places.
  • Plenty of knitting and creating always
  • Online courses with Currclick [She is still deciding what she wants to take]
  • Audio Books – we always have an audio book going in the car
  • There is always history in our house. Keilee watches huge amounts of historical films and documentaries.
  • She has several history and Science YouTube channels that she watches.
  • Sit in on some college lectures. She finds them online. Currently she is crazy about Quantum Physics!
  • SQUILT  Mary at Homegrown Learners has this awesome music study we plan to do.
  • Mapping The World With Art– I fell in love with this curriculum and showed one of the videos to Keilee. She wants to do it so I ordered it.  Here is the video that convinced me to purchase

7th Grade Ideas [7th GRADE???!!!!]

Books, Videos for Pre Algebra

The Story of Us

PBS Series to Accompany “The Story of Us”

†US History Based Writing

What We are Using Now:† [2011-2012]

HISTORY – Story of the World II

SCIENCE – Apologia Botany

MATH – Life of Fred, Teaching Textbooks 6

GRAMMAR/WRITING -†Writing with Ease, Learning Language Through Literature

LATIN/GREEK – Root Words

GEOGRAPHY – Cantering the Country

BIBLE – Parables of Jesus

We are also doing Charlotte Mason’s Artist Study, One Hour Nature Challenges and blogging/

Painting Lesson Plans

We will add some things like lapbooks, Science Jim classes and a few other things.† Lots of Netflix movies to go along with whatever we are studying.

7th Grade Possibilities

Joy Hakim The Story of US



Hands of A Child : wonderful site with great lapbooks, unbeatable customer service and FREEBIES!

Homeschool Share: GREAT site with tons of freebies in lapbooking.† They use Literature for lapbooks.† Very similar to

Five in a Row which is also excellent!


Math Mammoth


Elements of Art <this looks very good>

NGA Classroom

Meet The Masters

This is what I REALLY want: Artistic Pursuits

Free Art and Music Cards from Montessori

Some Things I Wish I Had:




Winter Promise

History Scribe

Time Travelers History


NOEO Science

Diorama Kits


Narnia Unit Study

Pandia Press

Focus On Curriculum

Writing with Ease

Living Math [this looks amazing]



Activity Guides for SOTW 2 [Order this]








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  1. Hello!

    I just wanted to share something that could be a great homeschooling tool! Not only does it teach kids in a safe environment, but it also keeps them entertained!

    It’s a FREE app called Brainfeed. The link is below, and there’s also a video that might help explain it a little better. 🙂

    Thank you!



  2. Hello Karen!

    I’ve just started following you on twitter, and was checking your web-site. I read that you are a single mom. Your daughter is the perfect age for SEE THE LIGHT ART PROJECTS. Perhaps she’d like to try one of ours. I’d be happy to give it to you. Check them out at They’re designed for ages 10+.
    Let me know.
    JOYfully, because of HIS love,
    Pat Holt, founder SEE THE LIGHT, grandma of 5 + one on the way 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I am a new homeschool mom in Huntsville! I will be homeschooling my 5th grade daughter for the first time this year. I’ve decided to use the Classical model. I think I’ll mainly focus on reading Story of the World, writing (using Story Book cubes) and math (using Life of Fred, since I don’t think my daughter truly likes math!). Do you have any other suggestions that we should try this year for 5th grade?
    Thanks so much for your blog! It’s encouraging to see a mom & daughter having so much fun together!
    See you at Bridge Street one of these days!
    🙂 Susan

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