PARTY like it’s 2012…

Keileeís 12th Birthday was Tuesday.† She decided she wanted to have a spend the night party.† There were so many people she wanted to invite but we just didnít have room for everyone.† I was also going to do a Scavenger Hunt at Wal-Mart and I had to be able to fit everyone in my small car.

So she decided on her 3 best homeschooling friends.† We planned it for Friday and got ready to PARTY!

First of all we went to Skate Day.† Everyone had a blast as usual.

Girls at Skate Day *Picture by Gina Lackey

Then since it was nice outside we went to the park for awhile.† It wasnít THAT warm and I froze as usual but it was good times.

Kei and Chan at Park
Hanging Out
Big Plans...
Love This One...

Then all the girls piled in my car and we headed for home.† After Nomad enthusiastically greeted them, they decided they needed a snack.† I quickly opened the goodies and made some cheese dip.


Then they played HeadBanz and I laughed so much at them.

What Am I?

I had a GREAT idea earlier in the week for a Wal-Mart Scavenger Hunt.† I decided to ask for pictures instead of items.† I divided them into 2 teams and off to Wal-Mart we went.† I was afraid they would get in trouble or kicked out but they were very good.† Except for a little running and I’m not going to mention names ::coughKeileeEmilycough::† Here is the list:


Please do not destroy anything in the process of this scavenger hunt. Also, remember that we are in a public place so try not to be too loud. Finally, there is a time limit of 1 HOUR! We will meet at the entrance we came in through in 1 HOUR!


Both Team Members holding a Flag [any country]
One team members dress in a boa and tiara.
A Kiwi
3 unknown people doing ìCharlie Angelî pose
Take a picture of someone chewing gum
Take a picture of someone with a cart-load full of things.
A Barbie Doll wearing MAINLY RED
Something you can buy with a Lady bug on it
A Welcome Mat with DOG paws on it
ONE team Member holding a Justin Bieber CD
Someone wearing Camouflage
1 Team Member on a Bike
Polka Dot clothing item
A Ball with Spiderman on it
BOTH Team Members with Wal Mart Greeter
1 Team Member with a Pregnant person
A Family with at least 4 Children [all in photo]
An employee named Pat and take a picture of them w/ Name Tag
Something that you can buy that starts with a ìXî
an organic snack with a wild animal on the box
One Team Member with a Towel Dress on
Have a stranger sign their name on both of your arms in black pen.
Buy the cheapest item you can find and have receipt
[Only ONE team will get the points for this]


Tons of Fun!

They had so many funny pictures but this one from Keilee and Emily’s team was great.† Charlie Angel’s pose! 😉

Charlie's Angels

When time was up we went home to look through pictures and count up the points. There were so many funny stories told back and forth.† Obviously there were no Justin Bieber’s CD’s in the entire store and Emily had a hard time believing that.† She made Keilee look about 5 times.† Chan and Brit were told that picture taking was not allowed in Wal-Mart.† So they just went to another part of the store to find their things!† There was an employee named Pat [I picked a total random name] but he had left a few minutes earlier!† There were stories of trying to get a picture of a ‘pregnant person’ and not wanting to ask someone if they were pregnant in case they weren’t!† They both took a picture of the same ‘FULL SHOPPING CART” at different times.†† They both spent WAY too much on their one item, Kei and Em spent 79¢ and Brit and Chan spent 74¢.† I saw Christmas stickers on sale for 5¢!† After tallying the points Keilee and Emily won by only a few points!† The girls all loved the Hunt and I will have to do something similar some other time.

After talking about it for an hour they decided it was time for cake!

Nomad wants in on the fun!
"Zebra" Cake
Make A Wish.....

After cake they went to Keilee’s room and talked for awhile.

Chatting and Posing...

Then I went to my room for the night.† There was music and dancing and videos and laughing and music and giggling and more.

Keilee said it was her best birthday ever.† She is so lucky to have such great girls in her life.

Homeschooling Rocks!


There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents … and only one for birthday presents, you know.† ~Lewis Carroll

Collage Friday…First Week of 2012!!

1.††††††††††† Keilee at our friendís house in her winking Panda Hat.

2.††††††††††† A dress Keilee knitted for her Monster High Doll!† Her 1st ëclothesí knitting project.

3.††††††††††† Keilee at her first Wizard of Oz practice.† She is The Wicked Witch!

4.††††††††††† Perfect cupcakes from Gigiís.† Birthday treat.

5.††††††††††† Keilee and the ìWICKEDî tickets I got her for her birthday.† She has wanted to see this for years!† She has the soundtrack and listens to it every day.† She has auditioned for plays twice with songs from ìWickedî.† Here is the Birthday Booklet I made her with the tickets on the last page.† She had NO clue. She was bouncing off the walls when she came to the end.† She kept saying, ìSeriously? Seriously? Is this for realî?

6.††††††††††† Our church has convergence every three months.† It was this past week and it was amazing.† The first week of December they had a ëReverse Titheí and gave out $5000 with instructions to use your talents and turn it into whatever you can.† Kei made knitted things and we turned $10 into $60.† Everyone turned in their money last night and we got over $20,000 !† It was an amazing night.

††††††††††††††† We had given up television for our Churchís 40 Day Fast and we donít intend to go back to how it was.† We are only watching 2-3 shows that we love and movies and videos for homeschooling.† We got so much more accomplished and both feel so much better with it mostly out of our lives.†

I am linking up with Mary at Homegrown Learners for her Collage Friday!

Homeschooling Rocks!!


“Television is not real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.” ~Bill Gates

“I find television to be very educating.† Every time somebody turns on the set, I go in the other room and read a book. “~Groucho Marx


Happy 12th Birthday to My Girl…

Today is your birthday.

You are 12 years old.†

I wish I could make you understand what you mean to me.† I wish you could know what you have brought into my life.

Before you I was just a female.† Now I am your Mother.

Being your Mother is the best thing I have ever done.† You are such an amazing child.† Your heart is huge.† Your smile is infectious.† Your laughter is music.†

I love that you jump up and down with excitement.† I love that you love with your whole heart.† I love that you despise injustice and refuse to stand by and let people say mean things.† I love that you stand up for what you believe in.

You love so many things; knitting and sewing and writing and performing and dancing and cartwheels and backbends and playing in water and watching the stars, and jumping rope and riding your bike and singing and swimming and playing with your dog and hanging out with your friends and laughing at the silliest things and listening to audio books with me and taking walks in the woods and exploring and building fairy houses and snuggling in bed and bubble baths and makeup and hats and putting clothes together and playing online games and talking to every inanimate thing in the house and cooking and baking and plays and shopping and summer nights and snow and wind and rain and playing dress up.

I love that our house is never quiet.† You talk to the computer, to the dog, to your dolls, to the television.† And there is always singing.† In the shower, doing work, and just walking around.

I love that we speak in a wonderful shorthand that no one else understands.† That we randomly dance in the middle of the kitchen or sing some crazy song.

I love teaching you.† I love for you to get excited about things.† I love that you come up with great ideas and I love seeing the light bulb come on.† I love the way your mind works.† I love that you love animals.†† I love that you don’t think you are too old to play with your dolls and your toys.

I love that you think ëbutt and crapí are bad words and refuse to say them.† I love to hear your prayers.† I love your belief in Jesus and how much you love him.

I want to give you so much.† I want to have years and years and years with you here.† But I know that wonít happen.† You have so many plans, so many dreams. You will grow up and live your life.† I want that for you, but at the same time it makes me sad.†

What I wish for you is joy and fulfillment and friendships and love.

What I wish for you is the world.†

You deserve it.

Happy Birthday Keibug

I love you my baby girl,

To Pluto and back,


“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” ~ Agatha Christie

Ringing in The New Year…

Many years ago, MANY years ago, I spent New Yearís Eve with Kathy.† She had a party at her house.† We were in high school.† I donít remember much of itÖit was a LONG time ago, but I do remember music and laughing and dancing.

Now, years later that is how we rang in 2012.† The only difference is we both had our much loved daughters with us.† How quickly the years pass…how much like a circle life can be.

We headed out to Kathy and Sophieís house New Yearís Eve afternoon.† The plan was to hang out, maybe get something to eat and then go back and get ready to go to some friendís of hers New Years party.

Kei with her New Years Hat on her Panda Hat

We decided to grab Chinese and all got stuffed at the buffet.† Then we decided to go book shopping.† I mean is there any store better than a book store?† Keilee and Sophie had a blast trying on hats.†† Then Kathy and I had to get into the act.

Hats and Hats

†Then we headed back to Kathy’s to get ready.† I had forgotten how it is for 4 girls to get ready to go to a party.† Keilee and Sophie were all about their makeup and clothes and bling. † We ALL had on black and grey.† Not planned.

Ready to Party!

When we got to the party our make-uped, dressed up, blinged up girls quickly starting playing NERF GUNS!

Dressed to KILL....

There was a couple there from England and of course Keilee had to quiz him for 30 minutes in a BRITISH accent.† She is so goofy.† He told her that her accent was very good.† She and he discussed William the Conqueror and The Battle of Hastings and more.† She told him about Wales being where King Arthur lived and he told her about living in Prague and she loved every minute of it!

We also played “Pass the Parcel” which is a game they play in England.† There was a ‘parcel’ wrapped in about 15 layers and you passed it around the room with music.† When the music stopped the person holding it would open the top layer and do what the little note said.† Sophie had to go up on the balcony and shoot the Nerf gun and hit 4 people out of 5 shots.† People had to do all sorts of things.† It was so much fun.† Keilee had to stand on one foot, make a counter clockwise motion with her foot and draw an ‘R’ in the air with her hand.

Passing the Parcel
Keilee doing her 'forfeit'

We counted down to the New Year. Finally it was 2012!!

Happy New Year 2012!

†Then there was dancing and more dancing.† Keilee and Soph ‘whipped their hair’ so much I am surprised they didn’t have whiplash.

Dance Dance Dance

Before we left I made this little video.† Bad lighting but cute.

It was a GREAT start to 2012!† I am looking so forward to this new year.

My word this year is going to be:† YES!

Saying Yes instead of No.† Taking chances, not worrying about everything being planned to the last little bit.†

Just living in the moment.

Hope your 2012 is a wonderful adventure.† I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Homeschooling Rocks!


We will open the book.† Its pages are blank.† We are going to put words on them ourselves.† The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.† ~Edith Lovejoy Pierce


It Was A Holly, Jolly Christmas…

We had a wonderful Christmas this year.† We served with our church, we had Christmas get-togethers with our dearest friends, we spent time with family.† We laughed and sang and ate too much.

Christmas Eve day we attended church.† They decided to have it on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day.† It was entitled ìBelieveî and it was awesome.† Our preacher tied it in with ìPolar Expressî.† We watched clips of the movie; the little boy who wasnít quite sure he believed any longer.† It was a wonderful message.† The scene where Tom Hanks character says, †ìDoes anyone want some refreshments?î played on the screen and then our preacher repeated it.† They brought carts filled with hot chocolate down the aisles to everyone.† It was a beautiful, heartwarming message.† About the true reason we celebrate Christmas.

Then Keilee and I braved Wal-Mart.† We went with a great attitude.† We KNEW it would be crazy and packed and we decided to just revel in it.† It actually wasnít that bad.† They had EVERY check out opened so no waiting.† Why canít they do that every day???

Christmas Eve night we went to my brotherís house.† He had a roaring fire and we had some snacks.† We watched ìA Christmas Carolî with Patrick Stewart.† It is my favorite version.

We went to bed pretty soon after we got home so Santa could come. Neither Keilee nor I could sleep we were both so excited.† She woke me up at 6:06 and was raring to go.† Mommy and Santa went a little crazy this year after we had promised we wouldnít.† It so easy with just one to buy too much.† I donít buy Keilee that much during the year so I like to get her things at Christmas.† She is so easy to buy for because I know everything she would love!† And love everything she did!

Knit book, Panda Hat and gloves, wallet, Fairy Opoly, Makeup, Black boots, Pink Goggles, Hunger Game Earrings


More Pandas, Hunger Games Calendar, Earring Tree, Black Shiny Boots, Owl Shirt

She also got earrings, a Claire’s gift card, a iTunes gift card, bubble bath, socks, an orange, Hello Kitty PJ’s, suckers, 2 awesome necklaces, feather earrings, a bracelet, banagrams and more in her ginormous stocking!

Keilee got me too much!† She saved the money she made Sept – Dec at Skate Day selling her Knit Wits.† She was so excited about what she got me and wanted to give it to me about 100 times.† She picked everything out herself and it was all things I loved.† Here is some of it.† She also got me a long [to my shins] black button up sweater that I loved and a yin/yang necklace that we both wear one half of.† I have wanted “The Pioneer Woman” cookbook all year.† I love it but we would have to plow the back 40 to eat like she cooks everyday!

Blender, Pioneer Woman's Cookbook, Earrings, Coolest Rain Boots EVER!

Here is Keilee with her ‘Goodies’.† She kept saying it was the best Christmas ever.† She says that every year. :)

After opening gifts we went to Eddie and Heatherís for Christmas breakfast.† This is a tradition that we have always done with my Mom.† The kids used to wear their pajamas but only Kei wore hers this year.

Kei at Eddie's with her Roll Tide Hat

We got so many things that we loved and we loved giving gifts to all of our family.† Eddie got me a Dutch Oven that is RED!† I love it and plan on using it tonight for the first time.† Daddy got me a sculpture that is very Art Deco.† It is so cool and so ME!

Eddie and Katherine
Seth and I modeling Keilee's goggles and Panda Hat

After Eddie’s we came home and then went to Daddy and Marlene’s for Christmas dinner.† I missed my Mother very much.† I think I will always miss her.

Keilee got a gift certificate to Hobby Lobby and we went there Wednesday.† She racked up on yarn and needles.† She is working on a blanket.† I so envy her patience.† I could never make something that would take that long!

Working on the Blanket

I loved everything I got for Christmas but my favorite thing was from my awesome boss.† He got us an iPad!† We LOVE IT.† I could never had afforded to buy one for us.† I thought I wanted one but wasn’t sure.† Kei and I both have iPhones and I wasnít sure how different it would be.† MUCH DIFFERENT I can tell you.† We both fight to use it.† We have looked up things, watched videos, played educational games and so much more.† Keilee is writing a report right now on it about Public Schools.† [her choosing of the topic]


We were blessed this year.† I told Keilee time and time again how lucky we were.† We have neighbors that care about us, amazing friends and wonderful family.† †We have a roof over our heads, food in the house, a crazy dog that we love, a church that is beyond belief and each other.

What more could anyone want?

Homeschooling Rocks!



“Gratitude, like faith, is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it grows, and the more power you have to use it on your behalf. If you do not practice gratefulness, its benefaction will go unnoticed, and your capacity to draw on its gifts will be diminished. To be grateful is to find blessings in everything, This is the most powerful attitude to adopt, for there are blessings in everything.”† ~Alan Cohen

Twas The Week Before Christmas…..

1.††††††††††† Keilee and Nomad sharing a beater.† She didnít lick on the same side as he did!!

†2.††††††††††† Oreo Truffles† ….. One of our favorite Christmas goodies.

†3.††††††††††† Keilee at our churchís ìWrapped With Loveî community service.† We wrapped Christmas gifts outside Wal-Mart for 3 nights FREE!!† We had a blast.

†4.††††††††††† Mommy and KeileeÖ Merry Christmas!

†5.††††††††††† Homemade Sugar Cookies from Keilee!† This was such a messy, fun, crazy day.† I am not fond of holiday baking so Keilee said she could do it all by herself.† And she did!

†6.††††††††††† The Girls at Estherís Christmas party.† We played Dirty Santa and had so much fun.† I scored a Target gift card and Keilee got 5 awesome nail polishes!

†7.††††††††††† The kids at Estherís.† Traditional ëpose on the porchí.

†8.††††††††††† The Momís!† I am so thankful for these women in my life.

†9.††††††††††† Gina and I playing Cow Girl!

†10.††††††††† We went to Karen S’s house for food and conversation and laughing so hard my stomach hurt.† Keilee and the kids played Wii.

†11.† ††††††† There also played Red Rover and dodgeball and soccer and hide and seek.† Karen S. has goats and a cow and chickens and dogs.† Keilee was in hog heaven!

†12.††††††††† Keilee and I played so many games this past week.† Clue and Head Bandz and Yahtzee and Scrabble!†††† We laughed and laughed and had so much fun.

†13.††††††††† Keilee FINALLY got an ornament with her name on it. 😉

†14.††††††††† The presentsÖ.all finished!

†15.††††††††† GAS UNDER $3.00!†

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful blog friends.† I hope this is such a lovely Christmas, full of laughter and love and giggles and delicious food and hugs and secrets and delight and wonder and the blessing of the season.†

Homeschooling Rocks!

Karen and Keilee

Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time.† ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

Even as an adult I find it difficult to sleep on Christmas Eve.† Yuletide excitement is a potent caffeine, no matter your age.† ~Terri Guillemets

When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things – not the great occasions – give off the greatest glow of happiness.† ~Bob Hope

Mars, Hugo and Oz…

We had a really good week and weekend.† We got our tree up.† Ok Keilee got our tree up, I helped very little.† We were going to get a real tree this year but our tree is so easy to put up.† I have had 20í trees, big fat touch the ceiling trees and theme trees.† Now we like simple.† Now ìIî like simple.† It is not a ‘bad little tree’† and Nomad approves!†

One of the BEST presents of all... iPhone Photo

Wednesday Kei got a great opportunity.† They were going to test a new Mission at the Space and Rocket Center and asked for Homeschool volunteers.† I called Gina and asked if Brit wanted to go and she said, “YES”, so I signed them up.† We weren’t sure exactly what they were going to do but Space and Rocket Center is always the BOMB! And it SNOWED on the way there…wet, sloppy, “not going to stick” snow, but snow nonetheless!† If it isn’t slippery, I love driving when it is snowing.

At Space and Rocket

Now they were going to be ‘guinea pigs’ for 3 hours so I had called my brother who works at Marshall Space Flight Center and asked him if he could get away for awhile.† He picked me up and we went to Sam’s.† Do you have Sam’s?† Similar to Costco’s.† We wandered around and got a few things and then he took me to his office.† This is on Redstone Arsenal and you have to have a badge to get on the base.† We stayed at his office for a couple of hours and I met his co-workers.††† He works with some great people!† I already knew a few of them because he has worked there for years.It made me remember how much I liked working in an environment with great people.† Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to do that, I just remember fun times.

On the way out he showed me the building where Wernher von Braun worked.† Google him or look on link if you don’t know who that is.† He was VERY instrumental in the Space Program.

Wernher von Braun's Office

When I got back to the Space and Rocket Center I saw Kei coming out of a space shuttle with her ‘crew’.† I cracked up because she had her purse!

Mission to Mars

Here are some pictures Kei made with her iPhone that was IN HER PURSE!† Never mind about the important saving the world moments…lets snap some photos.† I am so proud of her.

Mission Control

All the way home I heard what a blast they had.† They were divided into different groups.† Kei’s group stayed on the ship while Brit’s group had to repair the space ship “Aurora”.† Kei was the pilot and communicated with Mission Control with headsets.† The ship went down and for 20 seconds they were without communications and all red lights began to flash.† They finally re-established contact and fixed the problem. Brit’s group died I think. :)† They stepped out onto Mars before the ‘all clear’ sounded.† There were other groups doing other things but this is dictated to me by Keilee.† :)† They both loved it!

Kei "ON" the Moon

After the Mission Brit came and spent the night with Keilee.† They sang and sang and there may or may not have been a video of dancing to “Barbie Girl”.† Don’t try to deny it, if a picture is worth a thousand words…what is a video worth? Huh? 😉

Pretty in Red...

Saturday Keilee tried out for “The Wizard of Oz”.† She didn’t expect a big role because they are very fair with letting the kids all have a chance.† But she really wanted to be The Cowardly Lion.† She has a strange fascination with tails.† Don’t ask…I don’t.† There were 130 kids that tried out!† Almost all of our core group of Homeschoolers tried out.† Many of them have never done plays and only Chan has done plays with this group.†

Kei Wizard tryouts

All the kids did a really good job.† We found out Sunday night that EVERY ONE of the HOMESCHOOL kids made it!!!† We were so excited.† They are going to have a blast.† Keilee was cast as the Wicked Witch which surprised us both very much.† So I have heard, “I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too” about a thousand times already.

Sunday after church we met some of our favorite people at Bridge Street to see “Hugo 3D”.† Kei and I read this book [you must read it if you haven’t] and were very excited to see it.† Martin Scorsese directed it and it was wonderful.† It was one of the best “3D” movies we have seen.†

After the film Keilee and Sophie got into a fight about which one of them was marrying Johnny Depp.† It just drives Keilee crazy because Sophie wants Johnny to be one of her 3 husbands and Keilee just knows he is her one and only.† Crappy picture in dark theatre on iPhone but it was so funny.

Cat Fight
Kei and Sophie

Then there was ice cream at Maggi Moo’s and shopping.† Kei and Sophie flitted around like butterflies to pollen.† Every store had the cutest things.† Ahhh I wish I was rich.† But we did manage to get a few things.† She found some awesome distressed jeans on sale.† I bought them for her FOR CHRISTMAS! :)

Ice Cream!

We had such a great afternoon.† It is so cool to love the Moms of your child’s friends.† I am so blessed because I love all of Keilee’s friends Moms.

One of my favorite things this week was talking to Jess and Theresa.† They each called me Thursday and I am surprised my cordless didn’t go dead.† We talked and talked and talked.† I just love talking over things with these 2 women.† They are both just the greatest.† If only I could build that street, you know the one…with houses for me, and Jess and Theresa and Helena and Susan and Jenn and Phyllis and H-Mama and Mary and the Roamies [because sometimes 30 or 45 minutes is just TOO far]…it could be called “What a Jolly Street”.† Does anyone remember that book?† My Mom liked it and bought it for me when I was little and I loved it.† I bought it for Kei and she loved it.† We used to read it every night.

We also learned stuff!† Lots of stuff… and there was knitting and cooking and laughing and looking up things and videos and NO TELEVISION.† I forgot to mention that huh?† We are not watching TV until Jan. 4, 2012.† We are taking part in a fast at our church and that is what we decided to ‘give up’.† We are watching 2-3 shows a week or a movie.† But the rest of the time…silence from the boob tube.† I have loved it.† Kei hasn’t hated it. ;)† We chose to watch “Super 8” for our movie this week.† We both really like it!† [Thanks Gina and it went into the mail today ]

A great few days.† Aren’t we blessed?† Don’t you feel so blessed to be able to homeschool?† I know I do.† [most of the time] 😉

Homeschooling Rocks!

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”† – Anais Nin

“Every person is a new door to a different world.” from movie “Six Degrees of Separation”

Spend the Night, Santa’s Village, Knitting Till You Drop… and learning….

It has been such a homeschooling kind of last few days.† Chan came over last Tuesday and spent the night with Kei until Friday.† I mean how cool is that?† That we can do things like that?† Kei taught Chan how to knit and I can tell you there were some knitting marathons going on.†

Knit 1, Purl 2

There was game playing.† Of course there was very little ‘following by the rules’.

What do you call this again?

They played “Life” [which I HATE] and I heard things like this; “Oh so you are making your kids work for money”, “I’m soliciting money from the children in the orphanage”, “Let’s pull another bank job for money”.† Ahhh those great lessons games teach us!

Kei knitted some scarves.† I was really proud of her because they were the first ones she had ever knitted.† She is crazy good at things like this!

Kei's Scarves
Knitting a Christmas Scarf

Thursday night we went to our Library’s Christmas Program.† A professor at a nearby college was reading “A Christmas Memory”.† He has this magnificent voice and we always try to go when he is speaking.† This is one of our favorite Christmas stories.† You should definitely read it if you haven’t.† It is written by Truman Capote about his childhood.† He grew up in Alabama and was always friends with Harper Lee [To Kill a Mockingbird].† It is also on instant on Netflix.† It is wonderfully done.†† My brother reads it aloud every year at Christmas.

†Friday was Skate Day and we went but I didn’t let Keilee skate.† She had ran a fever the day before and had a sore throat so we didn’t stay very long.

I read 11/23/63 by Stephen King.† I downloaded it to my Kindle and while Kei and Chan were doing their thing I read an 873 page book in 2 1/2 days.† I LOVED IT!!† I have always loved Stephen King, but he is not everyone’s cup of tea.† This book had a feel of King, but not really.† It was definitely worth reading!

Saturday we decided to go shopping.† I bought Kei some new clothes, boots, a hat and a few more little things.† Most of them are put up for Christmas! I look back fondly on the days that I could just buy her clothes and she would love them.† She still likes what I pick out but she MUST try everything on.

Monday we went to Santa’s Village with a Homeschool Group.† Now this place is really for younger kids but Keilee wanted to go because it was the 1st Field Trip she ever went on in Kindergarten.† We both had a blast.

Santa's Village
Kei at Santa's Village

Last night Kei spent hours texting with A and P, Theresa’s daughters.† She had a blast and plans to play an online game with them today.† I think there are Face Time plans in the future too!

Texting and more Texting

Today she has decided she simply ‘must’ write. This second….before she forgets this amazing story she thought of.† Me: “Why don’t you move somewhere more comfortable”?† Kei: “No I have to write this NOW”!

Must Write....

Did we learn?† Well of course silly!† We learned about Vikings and Odin and read myths and played online games about the Vikings.† We did a unit study on Rocks and Minerals and Kei did 2 months of Pet Shop Math and she is reading 2 books at once and she has written and written on stories.† She watched Brain Pop every day, we watched a documentary about Vikings and a movie.† She has watched documentaries about the intelligence of mammals and keeps telling me all these facts that she has learned.† She had an online Knitting Club meeting and had such fun talking about knitting.† We also started “Connect The Thoughts” Christmas study.† It seems really cool so far.

So here it is ….December.† DECEMBER!† I am so not ready for Christmas.† Blast all of you who has your tree up, decorations abounding, baking done and all your gifts bought and wrapped.† I work better under pressure. …..OK?????!!!!!!

Homeschooling Rocks!


ìTrue learning ñ learning that is permanent and useful, that leads to intelligent action and further learning ó can arise only out of the experience, interest, and concerns of the learnerî† ~ John Holt

The Week That Was Thanksgiving…

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
In my life this weekÖ

Cooking and laughing and spending time with the family on Thanksgiving.

Kei and My Brother Eddie

In our homeschool this weekÖ

Kei is writing this hysterical story about a Spider named Star who wanted to find the ëstarsí.† She meant in the sky but everyone she met thought she meant the ìHollywoodî stars so she found herself in Hollywood where she met Madonna and hence the song †ìLucky Starî.† Only my daughter would write a story about a Madonna song!

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to shareÖ

I really need to just post some of my resources.† Isnít it crazy how much is out there?† I also must say our new schedule is amazing.† I love doing one subject daily.† We do Math, journaling and reading every day but the rest is once a week.† We can spend so much time on that subject without me freaking out.† We learned about Charlemagne this week, Kei did a unit study on amphibians and frogs and of course there was all the million of things that are ìKeiís thingsî; knitting and coloring and playing and baking.† I found a really cool coloring site.

Cool Coloring
Coloring with Markers and Crayons

I am inspired byÖ

My friend Erica whose daughter was just diagnosed with leukemia.† Her posts and her faith and her strength amaze me.† I wonder if I could possibly be that full of faith and love if it was Kei?† And then I always whisper, ìPlease God donít test meî.

Places weíre going and people weíre seeingÖ

We mainly hung out at home except for Thanksgiving.† We ate at Daddy and Marleneís and met her son and daughter in law who lives out of state.† It was a lovely afternoon.† I donít do Black Friday sales.† I just canít justify getting up at 2:00 AM to save a few dollars.† It isnít that I donít NEED to save the dollars, I am just more of a ìCyber Mondayî kinda girl.† People are crazy on Black Friday.† Did you see the news??† Shootings and pepper spray and tazers.† Good grief.


My favorite thing this week wasÖ

Lying in bed, under my electric blanket, reading ìYou Belong to Meî on the Kindle app listening to Kei and Livvy play in her room.

Kei and Liv

Questions/thoughts I haveÖ

Does anyone know of a really good King Arthur unit study?† It isnít really covered in SOTW and Kei LOVES that story.† I have searched but canít find exactly what I am looking for.

Iím readingÖ

*See ìMy favorite thing this weekî

Iím cookingÖ

Lots of leftovers, aren’t YOU? :)

Iím grateful forÖ

The fact that we are both healthy.† You just never know when something is going to blindside you.† One minute your world is spinning happily and the next it spins off its axis. †We have to all appreciate the little moments.†

Iím praying forÖ

The Campbells

A photo, video, link, or quote to shareÖ

Ericaís latest Facebook post:

I Love watching my sweet girls quietly playing together when they think i am not looking .. It is so nice to have a break from the hospital for a couple of days..we read a book last night to HG about siblings with cancer and how itís ok to be sad.. she was sad &confused and said mommy” I am the oldest why didnt God pick me.”.. Wow what do u say to that .. so after we prayed about it i told her God has made all of us unique in his own eyes and sometimes we go through things hard because God knows we are strong enough to handle it.. now as I am saying this its hard to hold back the tears or really even talk about it because as their Mommy I just want to protect them and when they hurt i hurt.. but I have also realized through my sadness i see their smiles and I never want to miss a moment of “joy” I donít want to spend one moment not appreciating what God has entrusted me with my beautiful sweet girls..So today we are going to turn on the Christmas music , put up all 5 Christmas trees, dance & be silly and just enjoy each precious moment!! So today I pray you all will do the same.. Please continue to lift us up in prayer as we are starting to see the effects chemo has on our sweet girl. and please keep HG in your prayers so she will know just how much she is loved! thank you all for loving us so much and continuing to follow our journey .
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
Matthew 6:34

So next week it is December!!† Already.† I am looking forward to smiles and laughter and family time.† Time spent with my girl and my dog, favorite movies to watch, favorite foods to cook and lots of moments.† It is all about the moments.

Homeschooling Rocks!


When you finally allow yourself to trust joy and embrace it,
you will find you dance with everything.††
– Emanuel

Jesus, a Mother, a Daughter and a Dog….