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Bringing Smart Back

Keilee has talked about doing a YouTube channel for years. She has put various videos on YouTube and even had the one she did on her 13th birthday (13 Random Acts of Kindness) get over 20,000 views.

But last summer she decided to actually do it. She wanted it to be short videos that would give knowledge to kids. She wanted to show kids it was ‘cool to be smart’. She decided to name it “Bringing Smart Back” very loosely based on the song “Bringing Sexy Back” (although she refuses to say that word! Ha)

The idea of ‘making a video every week’ sounds good in theory but it is such a time consuming endeavor. She thinks of a topic, researches thoroughly, writes her script, films it, edits it and post it along with a description. Then she decided she would like a webpage with accompanying lesson plans. She wanted it all to be free. Then she decided she wanted a Pinterest board with ideas to go along with each video. And she has an Instagram account for Bringing Smart Back.

She has so many videos that I love. She loves going on location for shoots.  But I really liked this one about Social Media.  She explained it from a kid’s point of view.

She also loves doing characters.  It’s the ‘theater kid’ in her coming out.

Very early on she was contacted by Great Products who said they would love to sponsor her.  To say she was excited is an understatement.  This is a great Homeschool company ran by homeschoolers! If you aren’t familiar with this company they have Homeschool and Christian T-Shirts very reasonably priced.  They gave Keilee merchandise and her own coupon code!  Use “Keilee” for a 10% discount.

Keilee tshirt

With her webpage, Bringing Smart Back,  she creates some of the lesson plans herself and some are just links to plans she has found online. She has to check each link to make sure it works and is free, she has to watch completely each video that she links on her webpage because you would not believe the videos that start out sweet and turn bad!!!

From August to mid way through November she did 4 videos a month. Then she had a bit of a meltdown. She was so stressed because she had so much to do. In addition to Bringing Smart Back she has schoolwork and her Princess business and she has a new script to learn each week for Kids church, and she has her Keilee’s Kreations crochet business. During November and December she got 19 orders and had to get those all made before Christmas.

So I suggested she take a break during the holidays from Bringing Smart Back. She started it back in January and has decided (with strong suggestions from her Mama) that she posts 2 videos a month.

Keilee has always been great at time management but there is only so many hours hours in a day and you can’t cram 30 hours into 24.  As Moms most of us know this right?

But she has gotten excited about it again and is back on track.  And she doesn’t have the one million subscribers she wanted to have or been mentioned on Hank Green’s Sci Show but who knows?

So check it out.  And share it if you feel like it.  And show your kids because “Bringing Smart Back” is cool!

Homeschooling Rocks!


“We should all feel confident in our intelligence. By the way, intelligence to me isn’t just being book-smart or having a college degree; it’s trusting your gut instincts, being intuitive, thinking outside the box, and sometimes just realizing that things need to change and being smart enough to change it.” ~Tabatha Coffey