Halloween, Ghosts, More Halloween & Fall Beauty…

Halloween night was stormy and windy and not fit for goblin or monster.  So we stayed snuggled in watching scary movies and Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin.  Nomad was dressed up as a honey bee. This was Keilee’s costume from her very first play when she was 5!

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Thankfully Keilee got to wear her Halloween costume several times!  She was asked by Everyday Sunshine; which is a non profit organization that is producing a TV show to broadcast at Children’s Hospitals throughout the country; to face paint at their Halloween Hoot.  She had a blast and the kids loved her!  She just adores little kids.

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Then we went to the Renaissance Faire Sunday.  This is always our favorite fair.  I have been taking Keilee since she was 4!!  See the Ferret? She was in love.

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These are some of the pictures Keilee took.  Her 2 favorite subjects, animals and kids.

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We stopped by a cotton field on the way home from the Ren Faire. We always take Cotton Field pictures. :)

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Working on a Mushroom page from “Handbook of Nature Study”.  I think this is a book we have used most of all the last 7 years.  Fall beauty.  Keilee at Gymnastics doing a back kickover.

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Saturday night the Old State Bank was having a haunted ghost tour.  Not with people who jump out and such but the Alabama Paranormal Society was there doing readings of all sorts.  Keilee loves, didimentionLOVES, all things ghosty.  My Momma did too.  So she was beyond excited.  It was very informative, lots of history and such.  She got to use dousing rods and the EMP detectors and more.  They had 8 stations set up.  One was in the old vault.  This was used as a surgery room during The Civil War.  They closed us in and turned off the lights and did recordings with us asking questions.  We also saw many orbs in some of the video equipment. 

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We didn’t have Co-op this week so we spent hours reading and doing Algebra, History, Biology, Nature and more.  I bought an Edgar Allen Poe course from Connect the Thoughts on Currclick.  This is a 25-30 hour course and I thought Halloween was the perfect week to begin.  Keilee has always loved Edgar Allen Poe. 

The leaves are finally beginning to get beautiful so I took some of my annual “Keilee in the Leaves” pictures.  They haven’t fallen so much and when they do that is another ‘photo shoot’.  :)

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And finally my favorite picture of the week.  I always love the pictures of Keilee laughing or acting silly the most!

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Happy 1st weekend of November!
Homeschool Rocks!

“And the days dwindle down To a precious few, September, November – And these few precious days I’d spend with you, These golden days I’d spend with you”  ~ Maxwell Anderson

”Love is taking a few steps backward maybe even more…to give way to the happiness of the person you love.” ~ Winnie the Pooh

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13 thoughts on “Halloween, Ghosts, More Halloween & Fall Beauty…”

  1. I love your quotes! Even though Halloween was a bust, Keilee was still able to dress up a lot last week! Looks like you guys has so much fun on your outings and photo shoots! Give my thanks to Keilee for being so special and not just caring about sick kids but doing something about it!! Hope to see you tomorrow at FF!

  2. I love all of your pictures, especially the cotton field. We don’t have cotton here and I can’t say that I’ve ever seen it grown anywhere either. What a lovely place to take pictures.

    Nomad’s costume is great even if it was a rainy Halloween. It rained here too but let up just in time to trick or treat in the damp aftermath.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I remember you sending me cotton bolls… I shared them with all ‘my’ kids, then with the school staff so that all the kids could see them. We don’t grow it here in Oregon, ya know.

    Kei has just… grown up. It’s been fun to watch.
    And yes.. oh yes… homeschooling ROCKS!!!!

  4. Beautiful photos as always Karen. Love Nomad the bumblebee! I’d love to hear how the Edgar Allen Poe course goes – it’s the sort of thing I think I might throw at Miss 12 next year.

  5. I just LOVE the leaves and cotton pictures! What wonderful traditions to have– appreciating all of that beauty around you. I just love the fall colors. I was thinking today that I better get outside and take some photos soon. I have to get my kids to the Renaissance Faire next year. I bet they would enjoy it.

  6. When we next talk you need to tell me about the nature study handbook. I don’t own it but want to. Do you pull it out whenever you stumble upon something or are inspired? Can it be a “science” class? It is a curriculum or a resource book? I have looked this book up over and over and just need to buy it! I guess I am off to Amazon…….

  7. Hi Karen – I find myself here again and oddly with tears in my eyes…seeing your daughter and hearing about your week makes my heart sing for you and K. Lovely pictures! So nice that she loves and helps out the animals and children in need.

    Blessings to your week! HUZZAH to the Ren Festival!

  8. Quentin was leaning over my shoulder when I was reading this post and he said, “Wow, she is beautiful!”
    Your weeks are so full of wonder and this week is no exception. Look at all that goodness. You life is beautiful.
    You know, I still have the cotton you sent us. I was just thinking about it this week when I came across it. It made me smile to see you guys in the cotton field again. I feel so blessed to count you guys as my friends.
    I love the fact that your Halloween celebrations lasted all week, with the costumes and the ghost tour. That is the way we like to do it here, too.

  9. As always it looks like you guys had a great week. The weather held off long enough last night for us to attend a Halloween Festival with the drama kids at a local college. Have a great weekend.

  10. The Edgar Allen Poe study sounds really interesting, Karen!! And, I love your cotton pictures – nice!!!

    It’s rainy and cold here today, too — guess I’d better get the kids up!

    Have a great weekend!

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