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I Could….

I could send her to school,

And from 8:00-3:00 have no clue…

How many times she laughed,

How many times she learned,

How many times she questioned,

How many times she understood,

How many times she wanted more information,

How many times she bounced in her chair from excitement,

How many times she was proud of something she did.

I could send her to school and she could get her exercise and sunshine,

In 20 minute doses, ifÖshe had on the right shoes, and no one misbehaved and everyone was quiet.

I could send her to school

And let her eat the processed high fat, low nutrition fare they feed millions of children a day,

if she had enough time to eat and didn’t talk too loud and if no one grabbed her food.


I could homeschool her.





Earth Day 2009

What a beautiful world we live in.

We celebrated Earth Day by going on a Wild Flower Hike and picnic with our homeschool group.†† On the way we passed a school bus and felt very sorry for the kids who were going to be stuck inside on this wonderful day.

We arrived at the spot with little problem, thanks to Esther’s directions, Gina’s ability to read said directions and Bobby’s manly driving!

It was a little cool and overcast but we set off.† It was a great place to hike and a stream that the kids, of course, had to try out.† I think these kids would jump in water if they had to chip the ice away first!

There was exploring,


there was splashing, there was worm races, there was a simple ceremony for poor dead Lacey who raced a good race,


there was laughing, there was friendship and there was learning!


What better way to celebrate Earth Day!



Field Day, Puppet Shows, Jump Rope, Play Days and Easter oh my…..

Since my computer has been out of commission I am going to squeeze the last 3 weeks into one post.† We spent a portion of the time in our downstairs bathroom hiding from tornadoes.† My poor umbrella that I just bought did not survive.

Farewell Dear Umbrella

Our homeschool Field Day was awesome thanks to Heather!† The kids all had such fun.† We had around 107 people there. I love how homeschooling just keeps growing and growing!

Kei the Mighty!

One of my dearest friends Ali, got Kei a puppet theater and several puppets and she has been playing with them so much and I have been an unwilling audience for 100 shows!!


We finally had a warm day and Kei wanted to jump rope.† She loves to be outside.† April is so crazy here. It can be 70 degrees one day and 35 the next!


Esther had a bunch of us to her house for a play day.† Kei would move to Esther’s if she could.† We both had a blast!† I laughed so much.† Besides being smart and full of great ideas HS moms are also hilarious!

Food Tastes Better w/ Friends
Food Tastes Better w/ Friends
Important Girl Stuff..
Important Girl Stuff..

We went to church on Easter and then to Daddy’s for lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt.† It was our 1st Easter without Momma.† I missed her so much.

Before the Hunt
Before the Hunt
Found One!
Found One!

All in all, a lovely 3 weeks.



The Old House…


My daddyís mom and dad lived in Moulton.

They were older. Even when I was small they were old. I loved my Mamaw more than anything when I was little. She never wore pants, always dresses and stockings with elastic garters. Mamaw loved red; even though she was a little embarrassed about the fact that she did. [She considered red a ëloose womanísíí color]† We went to their house almost every Sunday.†

About twice a month they would come spend the night with us. We always went to pick them up because even though my Papaw drove around town, he didnít drive distances. Mamaw would always let me pack her overnight bag. I loved picking out her dresses that she would wear.

Every summer I would spend a week or so with Mamaw and Papaw. They had a great house with a farm. It was strange because they lived on a farm but they lived in the middle of town. I would help gather eggs and milk the cows. It is sad that Kei has never done those things. Mamaw and I would walk to ëtowní. I loved it. It was right down the block but I always felt so grown up.

I have so many memories of my Mamaw and Papaw. The both lived to be in their 90ís. But by that time I was older and didnít spend so much time with them.

I loved their house. It was a big old farmhouse, over a hundred years old.† My daddy told me they bought it for $2500, with 16 acres! When my grandparents died, he and his brothers sold it for $20,000. It is for sale now. The asking price is $136,900!!!! They have even put in a pool!† That is with NO acres. My daddy didnít believe me, he came over here to look on the internet. He said that Mamaw and Papaw would faint if they knew how much it was.† I wish we could buy it. I would even live in Moulton!

I would give anything if, just† for one day, I could grab Keiís hand and pull her back in time. Back to Mamawís front porch, with Daddy making home made ice cream and Papaw smoking his cigar and Momma and Mamaw inside cooking fried chicken with all the trimmings. I would show her the pond and climb my favorite tree with her, I would show her the hole in the barn where we would throw apples, and the grapevines and the wraparound porch that we would play game after game of chase. We would quietly crawl under the house so I could show her the wild kittens that were just born. I would show her the secret room in the back of the house that we made up scary stories about. She could sit in Mamawís lap on the front porch rocker and feel so loved and happy. I miss my Mamaw and Papaw, but mostly I miss my Momma.

Happy Wednesday,



Science Experiment #224


Kei loves Science.† We do lots of Science, but I really want to do more experiments.† I found this online.† It is very simple but she LOVED it!!† She was amazed.

Materials we used:

  1. D battery
  2. flashlight bulb
  3. jumbo paper clip or metal

We just made sure that the metal touched the – of the battery and the metal base of the bulb.† The bulb had to touch the + of the battery.

It was so cool!

I love homeschooling so much!






All the Who’s Down in Whoville….


Practice, Practice.

This is Seussical week so we† have practice every day!† Tonight we move into the Princess Theatre. Kei is bouncing off the walls.† This is her 5th play and by FAR my favorite.† [of course my favorite is usually whichever one we are doing!]† But this is so good.† The kids have done such a great job.† We have some fabulous talent in our area!† I wish I could sing!† I am not one of those people who say, “Oh I can’t sing” and then start getting all Mariah Carey.† I am horrible as in,†† “My Best Friend’s Wedding Cameron Diaz bad plus 150%!

Oh well, we can’t have everything! 🙂

My back has been just killing me.† Last night I couldn’t sleep at all.† I went to the doc [Dr. Dake by the Lake..sorry Seuss humor] and he said I had a pulled muscle.† He asked me how often I bowled and with what size bowling ball and I fell in the floor laughing.† I told him I had bowled ONCE at an 8 year old’s b’day party and I used a 6 lb ball, the SAME size as my 9 year old!† He just rolled his eyes, he has known me for a long time.† He gave me muscle relaxants and some stuff to rub on it.† I said, “Well how long does it usually take to recover from a pulled muscle?”† And his answer?† “It depends, some people a few days, some a couple of weeks, some 3 months!” Sheshhh!

So I am trying to be really careful, but it’s hard NOT to use your upper back muscles.† Unless you have a cabana boy to wait on you hand and foot, and I’m fresh out of those!

Have a terrific Tuesday!




We had a good weekend.† Saturday we didn’t do much.† My dang back is still giving me troubles.† [Note to self- too old to consider a career in bowling!]

Kei spent the day sewing.† I really want to sign her up for sewing lessons.† Cause I sure can’t help her much in that department!


Sunday we went to church and to daddy’s for lunch.† Kei wore her backpack that she had made on Saturday.† She was so proud of herself!


We grilled hamburgers and the kids all played outside. They rode the golf cart, shot the BB gun, played Frisbee and ran around Daddy’s big backyard.

Then we had Seussical practice all afternoon.† Kei is beside herself with excitement!† I wish I still got that excited about things.† The play is going to be great!† We can’t wait.


Happy Monday!